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Mangaluru, May 28 : In a proactive endeavour to fortify the educational journey at St. Theresa's School, Bendir, the Management organised a Staff Enrichment Programme on 28 May, 2024, spearheaded by Rev Fr Dr. Sudeep Paul, Director of the esteemed Sandesha Foundation, the seminar, titled "Enhancing Teaching Excellence through Soft Skills," served as a cornerstone for educators to hone their craft before the commencement of the new academic year 2024-25.

The day unfolded with a solemn invocation of divine blessings, followed by warm words of welcome and the introduction of Rev Fr Dr. Sudeep Paul as the distinguished resource person. Setting a vibrant tone, the session commenced with interactive group activities meticulously designed to invigorate and engage participants.

Fr Sudeep Paul eloquently elucidated the paramount importance of cultivating soft skills among educators. Emphasizing traits such as confidence, leadership, mediation, team spirit, problem-solving, empathy, and creative thinking, he underscored their indispensable role in fostering holistic development within the teaching profession. Effective communication prowess and adept time management were posited as crucial facets essential for comprehensive pedagogical growth.

The pivotal role soft skills play in fostering positive relationships not only with students but also with colleagues, parents, and other stakeholders. This was illustrated through a plethora of real-life examples, illuminating how adept soft skills facilitate clear communication, seamless collaboration, and effective classroom management.

An introspective quiz was ingeniously crafted to gauge educators' levels of empathy and emotional intelligence, fostering a reflective atmosphere conducive to personal growth.

Concluding on a note of enrichment, the programme equipped teachers with a renewed mindset and a forward-thinking vision for navigating the academic year ahead.


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