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Omzoor, June 8, 2024 : All the parishioners of Holy Family Church, Omzoor were all set to accord a warm welcome to its new Parish Priest Rev.Fr. William Menezes. At 4.30 PM Fr. William Menezes along with the parishioners of Angelore parish arrived at Omzoor. The new Parish Priest was formally welcomed at the entrance of the church and then a procession followed into the church. Fr. Alwyn Dcunha handed over the Stole and the Holy Gospel to the new Parish Priest Fr. William Menezes.

The Profession of faith was done by Rev. Fr. William Menezes in the presence of Rev. Fr. Valerian Dsouza, the Bishop’s representative. The newly appointed Parish priest then undertook an oath of relentless service towards the parish. Fr. Alwyn Dcunha then formally handed over the files to Fr. William Menezes.

Followed by a short introductory programme. Arther Dsouza, vice president of PPC welcomed the new Parish Priest Fr. William Menezes and the parishioners of Angelore parish. Arther Dsouza assured Fr William Menezes, consistent support and prayers from the parishioners of Omzoor. Mrs Dafny Lewis, secretary of Parish council gave a brief history of Omzoor parish and how the holy family Church came into existence. Fr Alwyn Dcunha also extended a hearty welcome to the New Parish Priest Fr William Menezes. Fr Valerian Dsouza shared his views about the parish and extended his best wishes to Fr William Menezes.

Fr William Menezes then shared his experience in the Angelore parish and thanked the parishioners for their unwavering faith, support and love towards him. He assured them of his prayers for the wellbeing of the Parish. Elroy Saldanha, coordinator of all church commissions proposed vote of thanks.

Tenisha Pinto compered the introductory programme.

A short prayer and hymn was sung to conclude the welcoming ceremony. Refreshments were then served.


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