Report :Meena Serrao Barboza
Photography: Veron Pinto

March 31, 2024 : The Easter Celebration here at St Lawrence  Church, Bondel commenced at 7:00 pm on March 30 with the blessing of the new fire by Rev Dr Ivan D’Souza , Professor St Joseph Seminary, Jeppu.

Rev Dr Ivan D’Souza was the main Celebrant. Rev Fr Andrew Leo D’Souza Parish Priest, Rev Fr Peter Gonsalves – principal St Lawrence English Medium School, Rev Fr Lancy D’Souza, Asst Parish Priest, Rev Fr Ravi Kumar MSIJ,  Rev Fr Vincent Saldanha   and Rev Fr Theo Pinto were concelebrants.

The Easter Candle was lit and carried to the Altar calling on people to walk in the light of the Risen Christ. The faithful lit candles signifying the victory of light over darkness and thereby enlightenment. Rev Fr Andrew Leo D’Souza sang the Exults – the Easter Hymn. Seven readings from the Sacred Scriptures gave a glimpse of the salvation story of Israel and mankind in general. As Gloria resounded in the air the image of Risen Jesus was unveiled.

Rev Dr Ivan D’Souza  began his homily  with a thought  that Jesus put on God so we need to put on Jesus ( ಜೆಜು ದೆವಾಕ್ ನೆಸ್ಲೊ ಆಮಿ ದೆವಾಕ್ ನೆಸ್ಯಾಂ).
Recalling the Hindi Poem -he said " I tried to embrace myself with my hands but I couldn’t, I tried to lay head on my shoulder to console myself, but I couldn’t. Then I realised we need each other to  comfort and console us .
The stone that was laid on the tomb of Jesus getting rolled  away  by itself shows  Jesus death has no power over Jesus ,He is risen and fulfilled his mission for humanity.
Christian life should be always of Hope, Faith and Happiness.
Mary Magdalene and Apostles witnessed the resurrection of Jesus we are much more privileged to believe His resurrection and  become the  strong witness in  our Faith , Hope and Happiness
The folded linen signifies that death has no power over Jesus; it is the sign of fulfillment of His Mission, were the highlights of Fr Ivan's homily.

Thereafter the baptismal water was blessed by Rev Dr Ivan D’Souza.

Parishioners participated enthusiastically in the solemn ceremony and celebration. Later water was blessed and baptismal vows were renewed.

At the end of the Mass, the Parish Priest extended the Easter Greetings to all the parishioners. He thanked the liturgy Committee, Choir Members, PPC Members & Volunteers for organizing the Triduum well. The parish choir embellished the liturgy with excellent musical accompaniment. Faithful who had gathered in great numbers wished each other after the mass and with the peace of Jesus Risen returned home.

The  significance of the celebration  of the Easter Service  was  highlighted by  Mrs Avitha Mascarenhas.


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