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Valencia, June 11 : The elections for the year 2024-2025 of ICYM Unit of St Vincent Ferrer Church, Valencia were held on 9 June 2024. The meeting began with a hymn. Director Fr Roque DSa presided over the meeting along with Fr Pradeep Rodrigues and animator Ronald Rodrigues. President Riana DCunha welcomed the gathering.

Secretary Neil DSouza presented the entire report of the year 2023-2024. This was followed by treasurer Pearl Rosario presenting the annual accounts of the year 23-24.

Before the election the unit Director Fr Roque briefed about the post and its responsibilities. Fr Roque and Ronald Rodrigues animator smoothly conducted the elections.

Clive Rego was elected as the president with majority votes and Neha DSouza was elected unopposed as the secretary.

Outgoing president Riana DCunha thanked each and everyone for supporting her and coming together whenever a program was conducted.

New president Clive addressing the gathering thanked the previous committee for doing a wonderful job and keeping the association together. He also sought support from all the members to continue the same team spirit in the coming days.

Unit Director Fr Roque DSa speaking during the meeting, thanked all the youth for being active in the parish level and as well in the association. The ICYM Valencia unit has shined and kept themselves active throughout the year by participating and motivating themselves to do small tasks in the church. He appreciated ICYM Unit for organising the LUMINO program in the month February 2024 which was unexpectedly a super hit, where the youth went beyond their usual routine and thought of everyone and organised this mega retreat. This retreat enriched everyone's spiritual needs, which no youth thinks about such a program in the present day. The previous team has been very strong and successful. They have managed to keep their team alive and dynamic. "May the same continue with the new team" wished the Director.

During the meeting Asst Director Fr Pradeep Rodrigues cut a cake as he was celebrating his birthday. New secretary Neha DSouza proposed the vote of thanks.


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