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Mangaluru, June 9 : The 10th day of Tredicina devotion preceding the annual feast of St Anthony of Padua was held on June 09, 2024, at St Anthony Shrine, Milagres Church, Mangaluru.

Rev. Fr Alwyn Richard Dsouza, Guardian, St Zuze Vaz, Home for Senior Priests, Jeppu and Diocesan Secretary for Commission for Family celebrated the Eucharistic and prayed for the mentally retarded people along with Rev. Fr Avinash Pais and Rev. Fr Nelson Peres, St Anthony Ashram, Jeppu.

Fr Alwyn delivered a powerful sermon on the theme, “Strong in Prayer, Fight Evil.” Centered on the liturgy for the 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time, he emphasized that prayer is the most potent tool in our spiritual arsenal. He highlighted how prayer fortifies us against the forces of evil, drawing on examples from scripture and the lives of the saints.

Fr Alwyn encouraged the congregation to deepen their prayer life, underscoring that through persistent and heartfelt prayer, we can overcome temptations and adversities. He concluded with a call to action, urging everyone to make prayer a cornerstone of their daily routine, fostering a closer relationship with God and empowering them to combat the challenges of life with divine strength.

At the end of the mass, Fr Nelson Peres ,assistant director of the Ashram led the novena in honour of St Anthony, during which the special intercession of the session was sought for the various needs and prayer intentions of the devotees.

Choir members of Angelore parish led the choir and joined in the thanksgiving. Payasam (sweet dish) was served to all the devotees who attended the devotion.


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