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Mangaluru, May 27 : On May 27th, 2024, St. Theresa's School held an Art Therapy workshop for the primary teachers to help them understand nonverbal forms of communication. Ms. Athena Aranha, a consultant at Inchara Foundation and an Assistant Professor of clinical psychology at Yenepoya University, was the resource person for the session. A type of treatment called art therapy makes use of creative techniques to treat psychological issues and advance mental health. Its foundation is the idea that emotional development and healing can be aided by creative expression. Art therapy uses a variety of methods, including: Drawing, Finger painting, Doodling and Collage Making art. It encourages introspection as people consider their pieces and the feelings they evoke.

They can identify underlying themes and conflicts that affect their ideas, feelings, and behaviours by going through this process. People who have endured trauma, adults going through a lot of stress, and kids coping with behavioural or social issues at home or at school can all benefit from art therapy. Young people with learning difficulties, people dealing with mental health problems are also the beneficiary of art therapy.

Ms. Athena began the Session with various activities aimed at fostering rapport. Teachers were required to draw a circle and then something else over it. Each person's picture and ideas were unique. Teachers were required to illustrate a sad event. They had to give it to someone else, and in exchange, that person had to write them a letter of encouragement. This activity when applied in the classroom teaches kids that it's alright to feel sad.

When kids share something that makes them happy, the entire class starts to feel good. We can assist students at school by combining scientific tools. The resource person provided teachers with a range of resources to aid the children under their supervision.

An activity was conducted to evaluate and introspect ourselves as well as the children in our care.

A meditative technique was taught to be calm and relaxed.

These tools aided the teachers for self-expression, recovery, and development. For the teachers, the session was a rich and transforming experience. It emphasized the great influence of art therapy in fostering recovery and individual development in a nurturing setting. Ms. Athena Aranha was given a memento by the Principal, Sr. Lourdes. The training proved to be really beneficial, and the school administration expressed gratitude for setting it up.


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