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Mangaluru, May 13, 2024 : The exceptional performance of the students in grade X at St. Agnes CBSE School is truly remarkable and deserves to be celebrated. The dedication and hard work displayed by the students have not only brought pride to the school but also set a shining example for others to follow.

With 131 students participating in the exam, the results speak volumes about the commitment to academic excellence at St. Agnes CBSE School. It is heartening to see 3 students achieving scores above 95%, 14 students scoring above 90%, 21 students exceeding 85%, and 25 students surpassing the 80% mark.

Special commendations go to Aaryaashree Herale and Mithali R for their exceptional performance, scoring 483/500 and achieving an outstanding 96.6%. Aaryaashree Herale excelled in Kannada with a perfect score of 100. Sweedal Micol Rebello also deserves applause for scoring 482/500, attaining an impressive 96.4%,while Sonaly Shiny Ferrao secured 473/500 with a notable 94.6%.

The success of the students would not have been possible without the guidance and support of the dedicated teachers at St Agnes School (CBSE )and the parents of grade X students. The Management, Principal , Administrator, Staff , Students and Parents extend their warmest congratulations to all the students on their remarkable achievements. This is a testament to the spirit of excellence that thrives within the school community.


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