Report : Mrs Avita Menezes

Vamanjoor, June 8  : “One Earth. One Chance - Let us protect our Home”

Celebrating Environment Day in college is a great way to foster a culture of environmental stewardship among young students and inspire future generations to become champions for the planet. It serves as a platform to create awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices among the college students. The NSS unit students of St. Raymond's PU College celebrated Environment Day on 6th June 2024 with an aim to make the students understand the importance of the environment and the need to protect it.

The day began with a tree plantation drive where no. of native saplings were planted across the campus grounds. Students actively participated in the planting process, learning about the importance of trees in mitigating climate change and enhancing biodiversity. The students also took part in a clean-up drive by cleaning the classrooms, removing litter and debris from outdoor areas like gardens, college campus and water bodies etc.

Principal of the college Sr. Anita Lydia set an example to the students by planting a custard apple sapling herself in the college campus. She addressed the students on the occasion and stressed the need to promote environmental consciousness and encourage individuals to contribute towards a healthier and more sustainable planet through tree planting and conservation efforts.

Planting plants in a college campus is a wonderful initiative and a Well-maintained green spaces can enhance the overall appearance of the college campus, creating a more pleasant and welcoming environment for students, faculty, and visitors. Hence the staff and the students together actively took part in the event.


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