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Mangaluru, June 6 : Mahatma Gandhi’s enduring quote, “The earth has enough for everyone’s needs, but not enough for everyone’s greed,” resonates with the fundamental truth concerning the sustainability of our planet’s resources. In alignment with this sentiment, St Agnes School CBSE hosted a commemorative event on June 5th, 2024, in the school auditorium to mark World Environment Day. The purpose woven into this gathering was to raise awareness and encourage proactive measures regarding pressing environmental issues, as well as to remind the essence of personal guardianship in nurturing and safeguarding our earthly haven.

The program commenced with a reverent invocation, acknowledging the harmony of the universe. Following this, Joanna Noela Pereira, a 10th-grade student, delivered a heartfelt welcome address, setting a serene tone for the event. Her eloquent words paved the way for a captivating dance performance, enchanting the audience with its graceful movements.

The importance of World Environment Day 2024 was underscored by Tania Ranger, a 10th-grade student. The students delivered a compelling skit, emphasizing the criticality of environmental preservation and underscoring the day's significance. Furthermore, a mime performance vividly depicted the urgency of tree conservation and the detrimental impact of human actions on the environment.

Mrs Sumana, a mathematics teacher, St Agnes School CBSE , graced the event as the chief guest. In her address, she highlighted the significance of the occasion and emphasized the pivotal role students play in environmental conservation. The event culminated with Skanda Shetty delivering a vote of thanks, expressing heartfelt gratitude and emphasizing the crucial contribution of every school towards fostering a sustainable and healthier environment.

The programme was compered by Alisha Luviza Sequeira. As the curtains drew close, the Vice Principal extended heartfelt appreciation to the students and teachers for their remarkable display of excellence.


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