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Mangaluru, June 6 : The school corridors buzzed with laughter and chatter, echoing the excitement of new beginnings. Colourful decorations adorned the walls setting the tone for a year filled with creativity and learning.

The young students of UKG and LKG at St Agnes School CBSE stepped into the premises on June 3rd and 5th, 2024, marking a memorable milestone in their lives. They were warmly greeted with enthusiasm and excitement. To create a vibrant atmosphere, the school arranged for cartoon mascots to entertain the children.

The day began with blessings from the Almighty. UKG students, together with their facilitators, warmly greeted their LKG counterparts with star and smiley handouts. The teachers then involved the students in lively activities and entertaining games to help them settle in and feel comfortable at school.

Principal Sr Maria Sarika A.C. and Coordinator Sr Letitia A.C. bestowed warm greetings upon the students, presented prizes . Each budding student was gifted a token of endearment, igniting a spark of joy within. With tender guidance, the teachers led the eager students to their classrooms, brimming with care and affection.

It was a day that planted the seeds of lifelong learning and friendships, ensuring that the students of St Agnes CBSE School would always look back on their first day with fondness and pride.


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