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Mangaluru, June 6, 2024 : St Aloysius Institute of Education, a leading college of teacher education observed World Environment Day with the theme ‘Nature’s Silent Protectors: The Ecological Role of Snakes.’

The Chief Guest, Mr Xavier Kiran Pinto (Snake Rescuer), Vice President – Save Wildlife Trust, spoke on the important role snakes play in maintaining ecological balance in the environment. He said, “Snakes are an integral part of global biodiversity. Their presence is an indicator of environmental health. Maintaining snake population helps preserve the web of life, ensuring ecosystem stability and flexibility. Snakes are natural pest controllers. They help manage populations of insects, rodents, and other small animals that can become agricultural pests or disease vectors. They reduce the need for chemical pesticides. As sensitive creatures, snakes are good indicators of environmental health. Changes in their populations can signal danger in the ecosystem. Despite their ecological importance, snakes face significant threats from habitat loss, climate change, pollution, and the illegal pet trade. There is a need of educating people to prioritize their protection and enhance coexistence.”

The Chief Guest introduced venomous and non-venomous snakes, first aid for snake bites and medical treatment for snake bites. He also urged everyone to support conservation initiatives and adopt sustainable practices to ensure that these vital creatures continue to thrive.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Farita Viegas, Principal, said, “Personal choices significantly impact the environment in various ways, affecting natural resources, ecosystems, and climate. Be mindful of what you buy and use. Choose for products that are durable, repairable, and have minimal environmental impact. Before discarding products, consider if they can be used for another purpose. Repair items rather than throwing them away. Many products, like electronics and furniture, can be repaired and used for longer. By incorporating these principles into daily life, individuals and communities can significantly reduce their environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.”

Muriel and the group invoked blessings through a prayer song. Icintha D’Souza, welcomed the gathering. Ambily Krishnan, highlighted the significance of observing environment day. Sahana A. R. introduced the chief guest. Sr Divya rendered the vote of thanks. Iral Lobo, compered the programme. Mrs Sarika Rodrigues, (Staff in-charge), organised the programme.


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