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Mangaluru, May 6 , 2024 : Renowned Konkani writer and KWAA president Ronald Sequeira, known as ‘Sikeram Surathkal’, breathed his last on Monday May 6. He was 69. Sequeira, who had been under medical care, breathed his last in the early hours of the morning.

Sequeira, a prominent figure in Konkani literature, served as the president of the Konkani Writers' and Artists' Association (KWAA) and leaves behind a legacy of profound contributions to the cultural landscape.

A luminary revered for his vast knowledge of Konkani culture and language, Sequeira was a beacon in the literary sphere, actively participating in and organizing numerous Konkani literary programmes. His unwavering dedication to the preservation and promotion of Konkani heritage earned him widespread acclaim and admiration.

Sequeira's literary prowess shone through in his acclaimed work, ‘Garjek Podath’, a collection of captivating short stories that captured the essence of Konkani life and culture. His evocative storytelling and poignant verses resonated deeply with readers, establishing him as a revered figure in the Konkani literary world.

Beyond his literary accomplishments, Sequeira was cherished for his affable demeanor and gentle nature, endearing him to all who had the privilege of crossing paths with him. His humility and warmth left an indelible mark on those who knew him, making him a beloved figure in both literary circles and beyond.


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