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Mangaluru, April 30, 2024 : Summer camp at school is not just a break from routine; it's an opportunity for students to embark on a journey of discovery, growth, and camaraderie. Far from being just a recreational activity, these camps offer a myriad of experiences that enrich students' lives and contribute to their holistic development.

St Theresa’s school conducted summer camp for Table Tennis, Chess, Football, Basketball and Speech Craft Masterclass. The students were involved in various team building activities, delving into their new interests and thus stepping out of their comfort zone. The students experienced team work and were able to form bonds with their coaches and mates. Students had a variety of experiences throughout their camp with experiential learning, and social interactions, they learnt to cultivate meaningful relationships, and discover their passions and potential.

Table Tennis camp was held in the state of the art stadium at St Theresa’s school. The students were able to enhance their skills and develop a liking towards the sport. Matches were conducted and the students’ sportive spirit was seen throughout. Parents witnessed their child’s skills on the last day of the camp.
The chess camp covered all the fundamental aspects of chess, such as Chess board & pieces, Movement of pieces, Fool's mate, En-passant, Castling, Stalemate. The classroom utilised a projector for solving puzzles and learning. Two puzzle sheets were used as quizzes, and the top 3 students were awarded medals.

The Speech Craft Masterclass covered the basics of Public speaking, debating, leadership and communication along with group discussions and various mind skill exercises. The students demonstrated these skills to their parents through a program.

With football and basketball that promote outdoor play, physical activity, and face-to-face interaction, students had the chance to disconnect from screens and reconnect with each other. This digital detox promoted mental health and well-being and also encouraged students to develop healthy habits and lifestyles that will serve them to be a better star at the game.

The students thanked their coaches and the school for giving them the opportunity to learn valuable lessons during the camp.


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