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Mangaluru, March 18, 2024 : The Love Your Pet Day Program organized by Carmel English Medium Higher Primary School, Kotekar, was a heartwarming celebration of the bond between students and their cherished pets. This event aimed to promote responsible pet ownership, animal awareness, and nurture compassion among students.

The program was graced by esteemed Chief Guest Mrs. Priyanka and Senior figures such as Sr. Jacintha Desa A.C., the Principal, and Coordinator Sr. Ashwina Almeida.

The Grade I students' Love Your Pet Day program commenced with a touching invocation of God's blessings, infusing a spiritual aura into the event.

An energetic dance performance was thoughtfully choreographed to capture the joy and companionship shared between humans and their beloved pets.

The creative choice of skirts and dance routines symbolized the essence of Love Your Pet Day, highlighting the diverse range of pets and the emotional connection between humans and animals.

This unique enactment and dance routine not only showcased the students' creative talents but also promoted inclusivity and celebration of the Love Your Pet Day theme.

The audience, which included fellow students and teachers, enthusiastically participated by cheering and applauding the vibrant performance of the students.

Hosting the event, Rushab ,Siya, Smaya, Aleem, Shaneez,Thavis,Thasmai, Jeet, Manasvi Hruthvi, Danvi, Aradhya, Shazneen, Yusuf charmed the audience. The gathering was warmly welcomed by Vishrutha, Rinola Poorab, Fanan Shayan.

While Thasmai, Pranamya, Hruthvi, Mithali ,Mohith expressed words of gratitude.

The Love Your Pet Day Program was a resounding success, emphasizing the values of compassion, responsibility, and love for animals. The enthusiastic participation of students and parents underscored the significance of such initiatives in fostering an animal-friendly and empathetic school community.


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