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Puttur , March 17, 2024 : A workshop titled ‘My Vote is My Right’ was conducted at St Philomena College, aiming to educate participants about the significance of voting in a democratic system. Dr Vijay Kumar M, the Vice-Principal of the college, presided over the workshop. He said that voting is a cornerstone of democracy and highlighted voting as an essential milestone in the democratic process. As most of the students are gearing up for their maiden voting experience, it was imperative to recognize voting as a fundamental right granted upon every citizen. He also emphasized the sacrifices made by previous generations to uphold this right, as each vote represents one’s values, aspirations, and dreams.

He provided comprehensive information on various aspects of the voting process, including registration procedures, the significance of the voter ID card, and the array of identification documents accepted during voting. He elucidated the functioning of electronic voting machines (EVMs) and Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails (VVPATs) to ensure participants’ thorough understanding.

Kiran rendered prayer. The workshop commenced with a warm welcome and introductory remarks by N SS Officer Vasudeva N. College Election Nodal Officer Dr Bastyam Pais proposed vote of thanks. Mrs Pushpa N NSS Officer was gracefully present.


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