'Twins God's Gift of Abundance' celebrated at LCS

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Mangaluru, March 16 : “Twins are miracles who come in pairs”

Lourdes Central School observed Twins Appreciation Day on 15th of March 2024 to cherish the bond twins share and to appreciate their presence in the school.

The assembly for the programme “Twins Appreciation Day” was presented by the students of Class 5B. Master Ethan Samuel Fernandes and Miss Saanchi Bhat were the comparers of the program. The significance and the importance of the day were given by Miss Bhuvi. Assembly put forth was under the guidance of Ms Nishmitha Jewel Pinto.

Vice- Principal Ms Belita Macarenhas welcomed the 24 pairs of twins on stage who were escorted by Vice- Principal Ms Anita Thomas. Principal Rev Fr Robert Dsouza had a special message for the twins at the LCS. Ms Belita Macarenhas spoke about the twin bond and the connection between the twins, their uniqueness and their identity. Their bond and connection is special and distinct, starting a bond from right inside the mother’s womb. Each twin has a different identity and their own personality. We need to appreciate and celebrate their individuality.

Rev Fr Robert Dsouza, Vice- Principal Ms Belita Macarenhas and Ms Anita Thomas along with Rev Fr Leston Lobo and Rev Fr Arul Joseph appreciated and honored the 24 pairs of twins of LCS. On this day at LCS, twins were celebrated for being who they are.


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