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Pope Francis to launch rosary ‘marathon’ for end to Covid-19 pandemic 29-Apr-2021 12:14:38:pm
Italian laywoman Armida Barelli declared Blessed by Vatican 21-Feb-2021 4:41:21:pm
Holy Week 2021 : Vatican issues guidelines for Catholics 18-Feb-2021 2:48:49:pm
Catholic News from South America 1-Feb-2020 10:21:24:pm
Catholic News from North America 1-Feb-2020 10:21:24:pm
About World Youth Movements 1-Feb-2020 9:30:00:pm
Catholic News from Australia / Oceania 1-Feb-2020 5:29:55:pm
Catholic News from Africa 1-Feb-2020 3:24:53:pm
World Catholic News 1-Feb-2020 3:02:41:pm
Catholic News from Europe 1-Jan-2020 2:46:18:pm
Catholic News from Asia 1-Jan-2020 2:46:18:pm
World War I and the pursuit of peace by Pope Benedict XV 5-Mar-2015 5:30:00:am

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