Vatican City

Title Created Date
Mass of Beatification of Carlo Acutis 11-Oct-2020 6:25:32:am
News from Vatican 23-Sep-2020 8:50:22:am
Holy Mass of the Christmas Vigil - St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City 25-Dec-2019 9:10:48:pm
Pope Francis - Holy Mass with Canonizations 13-Oct-2019 7:39:38:pm
Holy Mass for the Solemnity of Mary Mother of God 3-Jan-2019 10:29:47:am
Holy Mass of the Christmas Vigil - St. Peter’s Basilica 31-Dec-2018 3:18:34:pm
Pope Francis for the World Youth Day 2019 12-Dec-2018 12:43:13:pm
The Synod on Young People : Consents of Final Document 29-Oct-2018 7:50:52:am
Pope Francis with young people at Youth Synod 24-Oct-2018 8:07:45:am
Archbishop Oscar Romero and Pope Paul VI canonised in Rome 15-Oct-2018 7:20:05:pm
Pope Francis invites the faithful to pray the Rosary in October 3-Oct-2018 9:07:52:am
Vatican: Bethany started new community in the Portals of Vatican 9-Sep-2018 2:56:04:pm
Oscar Romero and Pope Paul VI to be canonized October 14 21-May-2018 4:00:08:pm
Paul VI is truly the pope of 'Humanae Vitae' 2-Apr-2018 3:57:46:pm
Youth say they want a Church that's transparent, up-to-date 26-Mar-2018 10:13:59:am
Pope approves sainthood for Paul VI and Oscar Romero 9-Mar-2018 2:53:44:pm
Memorial of Mary, Mother of the Church added to liturgical calendar 5-Mar-2018 4:57:56:pm
Pope Francis and the World Youth Days 24-Feb-2018 11:09:45:am
Pope Francis 'signs up' for World Youth Day in Panama 12-Feb-2018 5:15:23:pm
Polish cardinal, 'Rosary Priest' among sainthood causes moving forward 20-Dec-2017 12:57:28:pm

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