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News from St Joseph The Worker Church, Vamanjoor

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Title Created Date
ICYM Vamanjoor holds Career Guidance Program to assist students 1-Feb-2024 11:06:29:am
Secret Santa event held by ICYM Vamanjoor Unit 30-Dec-2023 3:15:19:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor conducts special Rosary Devotion for peace 31-Oct-2023 12:58:57:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor hosted a delightful ‘Novem Jevan’ event 16-Sep-2023 2:45:07:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor holds Blood Donation Camp 14-Sep-2023 2:11:48:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor holds 'ViViDA ViTA – 2023' event for the parish youth 7-Sep-2023 7:35:06:am
ICYM Vamanjoor organized ‘Laudato Si - Plantation Program’ 27-Jul-2023 9:37:00:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor Unit holds Annual Picnic 29-May-2023 12:58:06:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor helps in grand celebration of Parish Feast 29-May-2023 12:52:13:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor unit conducts Taize Prayer 4-Apr-2023 12:18:20:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor conducted 'EKVOT CUP-2k23' for parishioners 8-Feb-2023 11:44:01:am
Grand Christmas celebration by ICYM Vamanjoor Unit 31-Dec-2022 3:23:29:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor conducts games for Children on the occasion of Children's Day 16-Nov-2022 4:20:12:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor conducts 'IGNITE' Youth Meet 13-Nov-2022 9:57:22:pm
Elders' Day Celebration 2022 | St. Joseph the Worker Church, Vamanjoor 17-Sep-2022 8:38:44:am
ICYM Vamanjoor holds 'Pavsa Parab' inter ward water games for parishioners 19-Aug-2022 9:24:41:pm
ICYM Vamanjoor conducts 'Pick One, Drop One' plant exchange program 2-Aug-2022 9:26:08:pm
Mangaluru : ICYM Vamanjoor Unit holds 'Yuva Parzal - 2021' 3-Nov-2021 10:06:21:pm
History of St Joseph the Worker Church, Vamanjoor 1-Dec-2020 12:00:00:am
Mangaluru : Vamanjoor Parishioners bid Adieu to Fr Cyprian Pinto 26-Jul-2020 7:55:24:pm

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