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News from Immaculate Conception Church, Urwa

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Title Created Date
Anti-Drug Awareness Programme held at Urwa Church 26-Sep-2023 2:09:28:pm
Parish Family Day - 2023 at Immaculate Conception Church, Urwa 13-Sep-2023 11:46:51:am
Feast of Nativity of Mother Mary celebrated in Urwa parish 9-Sep-2023 7:27:40:am
Urwa Parish SVP members visit Ozanam Home For The Aged 6-Jul-2023 4:46:05:pm
SCC Group Training Program at Urwa Parish 20-Jun-2023 2:53:22:pm
St Aloysius Eng Med School, Urwa bids Farewell to Headmistress Dr Precilla D’Souza 13-Jun-2023 11:21:38:am
ICYM URWA spends ‘A Day with Children’ 13-Jun-2023 10:45:46:am
Sunday Catechism inaugurated at Urwa Parish 6-Jun-2023 11:11:06:am
Parish Day – 2023 celebration at Immaculate Conception Church, Urwa 22-May-2023 7:46:18:pm
First Holy Communion celebrated at Urwa Parish 17-May-2023 9:03:04:pm
Training conducted for the members of Urwa Parish Pastoral Council 21-Apr-2023 8:06:53:am
Easter Vigil celebration at Immaculate Conception Church Urwa 9-Apr-2023 4:49:01:pm
Urwa parishioners gain Spiritual nourishment through 'Taize Experience - 2023' 14-Mar-2023 11:24:20:am
Annual Retreat organised at Immaculate Conception Church Urwa 12-Mar-2023 12:33:30:pm
Catechism Day Celebration - 2023 at Urwa Parish 28-Feb-2023 2:35:25:pm
Annual Feast Celebration of Our Lady of Pompei Shrine, Urwa 12-Dec-2022 12:14:15:pm
Annual Feast of Immaculate Conception celebrated at Urwa Church 10-Dec-2022 8:50:57:pm
Choir Day celebrated at Immaculate Conception Church, Urwa 4-Dec-2022 2:00:30:pm
Novena Begins with Devotion for Pompei Shrine Feast at Urwa 3-Dec-2022 3:52:51:pm
Children’s Day Celebration at Urwa Parish 16-Nov-2022 1:07:34:pm

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