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Mangalore Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha Ordains 13 Deacons at St Joseph's Seminary 11-Jun-2023 1:55:02:pm
St. Joseph's Seminary Day celebrated with resplendence 2-Dec-2022 11:58:29:am
Chair in Christianity, Mangalore University organizes useful lecture on People of God & Pastoral Challenges 24-Aug-2022 11:15:21:am
Mangalore Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha Ordains 18 Deacons at St Joseph Seminary, Jeppu 10-Jun-2022 5:55:42:pm
Mangalore Diocese rejoices with 5 newly ordained priests 29-Apr-2022 8:27:10:am
Mangaluru : Bishop Basil S. D’Souza recalled as Missionary Shepherd and Pioneer of Vat II renewal in India 10-Mar-2022 11:23:35:am
Mangaluru : St Joseph Seminary marks ‘All Saints Day’ with Saints Exhibition, displays over 50 relics 1-Nov-2021 2:52:05:pm
Mangaluru : Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha Ordains 10 Deacons at St Joseph Church 13-Oct-2021 7:14:04:pm
Mangaluru : Bishop Peter Paul Ordains 5 Deacons to Priesthood at Rosario Cathedral 11-May-2021 8:23:36:am
Mangaluru : St Anthony Home Museum inaugurated at Jeppu 8-Sep-2020 4:54:33:pm
Mangaluru : Bishop Peter Paul Ordains Eight Deacons to Priesthood 7-Aug-2020 2:27:27:pm
Mangaluru: Bishop Peter Paul Saldanha ordains three deacons observing all health protocols 23-Jul-2020 6:33:27:pm
Mangaluru : St Joseph’s Seminary holds Bishop Basil Memorial Lecture 17-Feb-2020 8:23:20:am
Mangaluru : Community Day celebrated at St Joseph’s Seminary 24-Jan-2020 10:10:49:am
About St Joseph's Interdiocesan Seminary, Jeppu, Mangaluru 2-Jan-2020 5:30:00:am
Mangaluru : 'Aradhananjali' book released at St Joseph's Seminary 5-Dec-2019 7:34:47:pm
Mangaluru : Benefactors' Day 2019 held at St Joseph Seminary 20-Nov-2019 12:48:25:pm
M'luru : All K'taka United Christian Forum for Human Rights in association with Jeppu Seminary holds Ecumenical Symposium 26-Oct-2019 8:02:11:am
Mangaluru : Bishop Peter Paul confers Ministries and Candidacy at Jeppu Seminary 17-Oct-2019 11:40:35:am
Mangaluru : Onam Festival celebrated at St Joseph's Seminary, Jeppu 14-Sep-2019 11:37:06:am

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