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St Agnes Preparatory School, Bendur, Mangaluru holds a grandeur welcome to the students 8-Jun-2023 10:50:37:am
St Agnes CBSE School Bendur Recognises World Environment Day 6-Jun-2023 4:55:27:pm
St Agnes CBSE School Bendur organises grandeur welcome back to students for New Academic Year 5-Jun-2023 5:19:49:pm
St.Agnes CBSE school organizes Cub / Bulbul camp for Grade 1 to 4 15-Apr-2023 11:26:06:am
St Agnes CBSE School Organises Guides Summer Camp 14-Apr-2023 12:48:50:pm
St Agnes CBSE School Inaugurates the Basketball Court and Sports Camp 13-Apr-2023 10:59:41:am
St Agnes CBSE School Organises Summer Camp 12-Apr-2023 11:47:10:am
'Learning Beyond The Books' : Various activities organised for students of St Agnes CBSE school 10-Apr-2023 2:45:33:pm
St Agnes CBSE School, Bendur Congratulates students excelled in Bharatanatyam Senior and Junior Grade Examination 3-Apr-2023 10:08:06:am
St Agnes CBSE School, Bendur Organises Workshop on Calligraphy 28-Mar-2023 1:23:20:pm
St Agnes CBSE School, Bendur Congratulates Winner in Yogasana 27-Mar-2023 5:33:53:pm
St Agnes CBSE School, Bendur Bids ADIOS to teacher Nayana Fernandes 20-Mar-2023 10:14:50:am
St Agnes CBSE School Congratulates Winners in AVISHKAR Inter School Science Fest 2023 13-Mar-2023 10:58:10:am
St Agnes CBSE School, Bendur Celebrates Women’s Day 13-Mar-2023 10:28:07:am
St Agnes CBSE School, Bendur Organises Kindergarten Graduation ceremony 11-Mar-2023 2:50:37:pm
St Agnes CBSE School, Bendur Organises a Session on The Importance of Sports in Student's Life 8-Mar-2023 3:16:27:pm
St Agnes CBSE School Organises An Exhibition 7-Mar-2023 12:18:49:pm
St Agnes Preparatory School Organised the Merit Day for Students of Kindergarten 1-Mar-2023 11:20:23:am
St Agnes CBSE School Congratulates Winner in Yogasana 1-Mar-2023 10:56:58:am
St Agnes CBSE School Commemorates World Thinking Day 24-Feb-2023 9:48:42:am

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