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Mangaluru : Rosario PU college Principal Fr. Victor D’souza given warm send-off 19-May-2022 2:11:38:pm
Mangaluru : Rev Fr Alfred Pinto celebrates Ruby Jubilee of Ordination 4-May-2022 7:30:09:pm
Mangaluru : First Holy Communion Celebrated in Rosario Cathedral 2-May-2022 4:27:48:pm
Mangalore Diocese rejoices with 5 newly ordained priests 29-Apr-2022 8:27:10:am
Mangaluru : Rosario Parish organises summer camp for children 27-Apr-2022 9:17:27:pm
Mangalore Bishop leads Easter Vigil ceremony at Rosario Cathedral 16-Apr-2022 10:30:58:pm
Mangalore Bishop leads Good Friday Ceremony in Rosario Cathedral 15-Apr-2022 8:42:30:pm
Mangaluru : ‘Rosario Smart Kid Show’ organized at Rosario English Medium School 12-Apr-2022 11:09:09:am
Mangaluru : Thanksgiving Day held in Rosario Kindergarten, Bolar 12-Apr-2022 9:52:28:am
Mangaluru : Catechism Day celebrated at Rosario Parish 22-Mar-2022 9:36:53:pm
Mangaluru : Rosario English Medium School presents Exhibition cum Talents Show 'Ignite to Excel' 19-Mar-2022 3:01:55:pm
Mangaluru : Lectors Training held at Rosario Cathedral 17-Mar-2022 2:17:23:pm
Mangaluru : Parish Day celebrated at Rosario Cathedral 2-Mar-2022 2:53:42:pm
Mangaluru : New Year celebrated in Rosario Cathedral 4-Jan-2022 3:03:54:pm
History of Rosario Cathedral 1-Jan-2022 10:03:25:am
ಮಂಗ್ಳುರ್ ದಿಯೆಸೆಜಿಚೆಂ ’ಕಾಥೆದ್ರಾಲ್’ - ಪ್ರೊ. ಸ್ಟೀವನ್ ಕ್ವಾಡ್ರಸ್ 1-Jan-2022 10:03:24:am
Mangaluru : Rosario Cathedral celebrates Christmas with religious fervor and joy 28-Dec-2021 2:42:31:pm
Celebration of Christmas at Rosario Institution, Mangaluru 25-Dec-2021 9:02:22:am
Mangaluru : New Altar servers inducted into Altar service at Rosario Parish 20-Dec-2021 12:15:58:pm
Mangaluru : Rosario Educational Institutions hold annual sports meet 8-Dec-2021 12:55:27:pm

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