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News from Holy Cross Church, Hospet (Hosabettu)

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ICYM Hospet organises Taize prayer service 29-Mar-2023 11:28:39:am
Grand Christmas Celebration in Hospet Parish 30-Dec-2022 10:36:25:am
ICYM Hospet conducts 'Gujari Ektai' : month-long scrap collection drive 9-Nov-2022 9:48:49:pm
ICYM Hospet holds 'Holy Cross Trophy - 2022' Diocesan Level Cricket Tournament 4-Nov-2022 12:28:55:pm
Moodbidri : Govt Facilities Registration and Information Camp organised at Hospet Parish 29-Sep-2022 3:03:56:pm
ICYM Hospet organized ‘Monthi Festha Khel’ 17-Sep-2022 9:16:33:pm
Moodbidri : ICYM Hospet unit celebrates Teachers’ Day 5-Sep-2022 3:44:49:pm
Moodbidri : ICYM Hospet unit holds ‘Yuva Sangath 2022’ 17-Aug-2022 12:06:13:pm
Moodbidri : ICYM Hospet unit organized Vanamahotsav 3-Aug-2022 12:42:58:pm
Moodbidri : ICYM Hospet Unit organised Taize prayer 14-Apr-2022 11:17:55:am
Annual Feast 2022 - Holy Cross Church, Hosabettu 3-Feb-2022 11:13:52:am
History of Holy Cross Church, Hospet (Hosabettu) 1-Jan-2022 10:16:43:pm
45th Annual Day Programme of ICYM Hospet 14-Nov-2021 11:13:54:am
Moodbidri : ICYM Hospet holds 'Khel Mel - 2021' inter-ward games competition 11-Oct-2021 10:25:59:am
Moodbidri : ICYM Hospet unit holds Youth Meet 'Yuva Milan' 25-Sep-2021 2:42:13:pm
Moodbidri : Vaccination Drive organised by ICYM Hospet Unit 10-Sep-2021 10:14:41:pm
Moodbidri : ICYM Hospet Unit organises Teachers' Day 10-Sep-2021 3:02:27:pm
Moodbidri : ICYM Hospet unit holds Van Mahotsav 17-Aug-2021 11:15:30:am
The story of Santa Cruz de Bidrem | Full Documentary | Holy Cross Church, Hospet 3-Feb-2021 11:13:52:am
About Holy Cross Church, Hospet (Hosabettu) 1-Jan-2020 1:02:00:pm

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