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Title Created Date
THE BEST OF MAXIM’S | 10 Love Songs in Konkani | GLORIOUS Angelore 1-Oct-2020 10:00:20:pm
Konkani Song | A Tribute to Gandhiji on 74th Indian Independence Day | GLORIOUS Angelore 15-Aug-2020 4:09:31:pm
'Without You Lord' Devotional Song Cover By Vanessa Lobo l Lyrics Fr Darel Fernandes l Glorious Angelore 5-Aug-2020 12:13:22:pm
Konkani Hymn | 'Sodun Asam Moja Somyak' | Praise to Adonai | Glany Fernandes 27-Jul-2020 4:47:47:pm
BARIDADA KANASU l Kannada Group Song on COVID Struggles l GLORIOUS Angelore 17-Jul-2020 9:38:12:pm
' Swamy Nanna Prabhuve ' | Kannada hymn | Maxim Pereira & Loretta D'silva | Glany Fernandes 10-Jul-2020 12:29:18:pm
Konkani Hymn l ' Vodvik Somiyachi ' l Glany Fernandes I Rony Crasta l GLORIOUS Angelore 11-May-2020 10:45:30:am
Konkani Song l ' Eugena ' l Maxim Pereira l GLORIOUS Angelore 9-May-2020 11:26:15:pm
Konkani Song l ' Mon Lalelem ' l Lydwin Cutinho l GLORIOUS Angelore 1-May-2020 8:18:37:pm
Konkani Song l 'Zodiyam Bhes Lagnacho' l GLORIOUS Angelore 29-Apr-2020 8:18:37:pm
'Tum Kumbar Havn Mati' Konkani Hymn by Glany Fernandes l Glorious Angelore 17-Apr-2020 8:06:37:am
'Jai Tuka Sodovndhara' - Easter Song l Glany Fernandes l GLORIOUS Angelore 12-Apr-2020 11:47:58:am
Holy Week Konkani Hymns by Glorious Angelore 10-Apr-2020 9:36:02:am
Konkani Song l 'Dolly' l Ivan Noronha l GLORIOUS Angelore 2-Apr-2020 8:08:18:pm
'Karezmacho Niyal' | Maxim Pereira | Glorious Angelore 23-Mar-2020 2:51:32:pm
Way of the Cross l Konkani l GLORIOUS Angelore 28-Feb-2020 10:05:08:pm
Konkani Hymns | GITHAM JELO 2 | GLORIOUS Angelore 1-Dec-2019 9:43:26:pm
Konkani Hymns | GITHAM JELO 1 | GLORIOUS Angelore 1-Dec-2019 9:42:26:pm
Baila Boom l Part 2 l Dance Masala l Glorious Angelore 30-Nov-2019 9:48:45:pm
Baila Bang l Jolly-Good Dance Masala l Glorious Angelore 30-Nov-2019 9:47:45:pm

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