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Inauguration and blessing of Clare Sadan Senior Citizen Home, Kulshekar 8-Dec-2022 10:14:31:pm
Mangaluru : ICYM Cordel and SVP Undertake House Renovation 19-Mar-2022 8:24:31:am
History of Holy Cross Church Cordel 1-Dec-2021 12:00:00:am
ICYM Cordel holds Children's Day Celebration at Holy Cross Church 17-Nov-2021 2:09:40:pm
Mangaluru : ICYM Cordel Unit conducts 'Yuvazana Sangi Thers' 9-Nov-2021 7:53:26:pm
Mangaluru : ICYM Cordel organises 'Green Cordel, Clean Cordel' drive 6-Nov-2021 11:31:59:am
Mangaluru : ICYM Cordel holds personality development programme 'Yuva Porzol - 2021' 13-Oct-2021 4:23:32:pm
Mangaluru : ICYM Cordel unit holds Youth Orientation programme –‘YUVA EKVOT - 2021’ 4-Feb-2021 9:59:11:am
Mangaluru : ICYM Cordel unit donates blood on the occasion of the Feast of Exaltation of Holy Cross 15-Sep-2020 8:01:48:am
Thanksgiving Eucharist - Platinum Birthday of Very Rev Dr Victor Machado 29-Jul-2020 8:21:04:am
About Holy Cross Church Cordel 1-Feb-2020 9:20:41:pm
Mangaluru : ICYM Cordel Unit holds Career Guidance Programme for students 21-Jan-2020 11:43:02:am
Mangaluru : ICYM Youths of Cordel Parish perform Pilgrimage to Churches of Udupi Diocese 12-Oct-2019 7:40:39:pm
Mangaluru : ICYM Cordel holds program - Cordel’s Got Talent for parishioners 25-Jul-2018 10:17:00:pm
Mangaluru: Breathtaking 'Prem Ragini' ballet held at 'Daivik Amrith' decennial event 23-Feb-2016 12:40:22:pm
Mangalore: Over 3000 Witness Konkani Play ‘Cordelcho Frad Saib’ 24-Apr-2009 5:30:00:am

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