Christmas - Songs & Videos

Title Created Date
Konkani Non-Stop Christmas Hymns by Fr Dolphy Serrao and Fr Cyprian D'Souza 10-Dec-2020 2:34:34:pm
'Jezu Balka Amcha Sodvondara' - Konkani Christmas Song | Apolinaris D'souza | Carol | Roshan 8-Dec-2020 9:41:28:pm
'Christmas Bal Zolmala' - Konkani Christmas Song | Apolinaris D'souza | Zanice | Roshan 8-Dec-2020 8:36:27:pm
Kannada Christmas Songs by Fr Dolphy Serrao, Capuchin 7-Dec-2020 4:44:33:pm
Best Top 10 Konkani Christmas Hymns by Fr Dolphy Serrao (Athmajyothi) 7-Dec-2020 4:37:16:pm
Non-Stop Carols | Infant Jesus Shrine | Carol Singing 7-Dec-2020 4:18:34:pm
'Christmas Gitam Jelo' | Non-Stop Christmas Songs and Carols | GLORIOUS Angelore 2-Dec-2020 9:53:53:pm
'Modyanechi Raat' - Konkani Christmas Song | Apolinaris D'souza | Shilpa | Roshan 28-Nov-2020 3:27:47:pm
Infant Jesus Hymns (Konkani) | CARMEL KIRAN 9-Nov-2020 8:10:31:am
Christmas Vigil Mass 2019 - Rosario Catherdal, Mangaluru 26-Dec-2019 8:32:40:am
Christmas Celebration 2019 - Vamanjoor Church 25-Dec-2019 9:36:30:pm
Solemn Mass on Christmas Eve - National Shrine, USA 25-Dec-2019 9:24:39:pm
Holy Mass of the Christmas Vigil - St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City 25-Dec-2019 9:10:48:pm
Christmas Mass 2019 - Cathedral of the Holy Name, Colaba 25-Dec-2019 9:02:27:pm
Konkani Christmas Carols 2019 by 'Symphony' - Muscat 23-Dec-2019 8:17:09:am
'Jayo Jayo Jezu Bala' - Konkani Christmas Carols 17-Dec-2019 8:27:05:am
'Bal Zalmala Sontos Fankla' - Traditional Konkani Christmas Carols 14-Dec-2019 10:05:37:am
Konkani Christmas Carols - Fr Valerian & Fr Clement 8-Dec-2019 3:26:55:pm
Hymn for Infant Jesus | Christmas Special - 2019 | CARMEL KIRAN 6-Dec-2019 11:00:00:pm
'Tuje Vhad Padven' - Konkani Advent Hymn | Fr Ronald Serrao 8-Nov-2019 12:14:37:pm

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