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News from the Archdiocese of Bombay

Title Created Date
Retreat for Priests held at House of Prayer, Khandala - Mumbai 10-Dec-2022 11:32:20:am
Mumbai : Model Bank selects new Board of Directors for 2022-27 25-Nov-2022 7:24:06:pm
St Louis Church, Dahisar : Golden Jubilee - Mass and Celebration 17-Aug-2022 9:55:12:pm
Society of St. Paul inaugurates India’s first Studio Chapel 3-Feb-2022 12:36:26:pm
Mumbai : Rev. Dr. Charles Vas (SVD) Founder of Sangeet Abhinay Academy Passes away 30-Nov-2021 9:15:08:pm
Nashik : Silent Protest held in Solidarity with Fr. Stan Swamy and other Human Rights Defenders 20-Oct-2020 9:45:50:pm
Catholic News from Archdiocese of Bombay (Mumbai) 1-Feb-2020 7:39:54:pm
Catholic News from Poona Diocese (Pune) 1-Feb-2020 7:39:54:pm
Christmas Mass 2019 - Cathedral of the Holy Name, Colaba 25-Dec-2019 9:02:27:pm
Mumbai : St Paul's Catholic Association celebrates 77th anniversary 16-Dec-2019 10:14:12:pm
Mumbai: Maharashtra Konkan Association celebrates Silver Jubilee 3-Dec-2019 4:08:05:pm
Nashik : Don Bosco Parish Konkani Association celebrates Monthi Fest 10-Oct-2019 10:21:14:am
Sister Rose Celine participates in the preparatory meeting at Mumbai for FABC 2020 1-May-2019 8:37:38:am
Easter Vigil Service 2019 - Archdiocese of Bombay 21-Apr-2019 4:19:40:pm
Good Friday Service 2019 - Archdiocese of Bombay 20-Apr-2019 8:05:11:am
Maundy Thursday 2019 Mass - Archdiocese of Bombay 20-Apr-2019 8:05:10:am
Konkani Retreat held for the first time in Nashik, Maharashtra 27-Mar-2019 9:05:37:am
Christmas Mass 2018 - Archdiocese of Bombay 31-Dec-2018 3:18:32:pm
Mumbai : Canara Konkani Association, Borivali celebrates Monthi Fest 17-Sep-2018 9:28:10:pm
Mumbai : Vasai Konkani Welfare Association celebrates Monthi Feast 13-Sep-2018 12:05:26:pm

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