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Title Created Date
History of St. Anthony's Shrine, Pakala, Manjarapalke, Belman 1-Dec-2021 12:00:00:am
History of St Joseph Church, Belman 1-Dec-2021 12:00:00:am
Feast of St Antony's Relic celebrated at St Antony's Chapel , Pakala, Belman 16-Feb-2021 2:48:42:pm
Documentary of St Antony Shrine Pakala , Belman 29-Jul-2020 12:00:00:am
Feast of St. Antony's Relic (2020) celebrated at Pakala Shrine, Belman 27-Feb-2020 3:18:32:pm
Annual Feast of St Anthony Shrine Pakala, Belman 20-Jun-2019 2:33:56:pm
Post Centenary Silver Jubilee celebration of St Joseph Church, Belman 12-Jun-2019 1:18:06:pm
Religious Day celebration held at St Joseph’s Church, Belman 27-Apr-2019 11:00:00:pm
Belman : Bishop blesses Renovated St Joseph Church 31-Aug-2018 9:46:41:am
Belman : Fr Thomas Dsouza Memorial hall of St Joseph Church inaugurated 27-Aug-2018 5:10:13:pm
Procession of the Relic of St. Antony from Belman church to Shrine of Pakala 5-Jul-2018 3:04:26:pm
Belman : St Joseph Church inaugurates post-centenary silver jubilee year celebration 13-Apr-2018 9:15:43:pm
Belman : St Joseph’s Church holds decennial celebration of Women’s Day 16-Mar-2018 10:48:43:am
Belman : ICYM unit of St Joseph Church celebrate annual day 10-Feb-2018 12:10:54:pm
About St. Joseph Church, Belman 2-Feb-2017 3:44:24:am
Kuwait: Belman Welfare Association decennial celebration 11-Mar-2014 5:30:00:am

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