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Parish Day celebrated at Guardian Angel Church, Angelore 29-Jan-2024 2:12:02:pm
Inter-religious tournament conducted by Catholic Sabha, Angelore 11-Dec-2023 11:34:24:am
Inter- Religious Souharda Sports Event Unveiled in Mangaluru 24-Nov-2023 11:13:21:am
Titular feast celebration of Guardian Angel Church, Angelore 3-Oct-2023 10:26:37:am
Women’s Day celebrated at Guardian Angel Church, Angelore 6-Mar-2023 4:29:31:pm
Catechism Day celebrated at Guardian Angel Church, Angelore 28-Feb-2023 10:41:53:am
Mangaluru : 5th Mike Simon Nite presented at Don Bosco hall 25-Oct-2022 10:45:11:am
Titular Feast of the Guardian Angel celebrated at Angelore Church 3-Oct-2022 4:17:43:pm
Monthi Feast celebrated with grandeur at Guardian Angel Church Angelore 9-Sep-2022 8:26:39:am
Teachers’ Day celebrated with immense joy and gratitude in Angelore parish 5-Sep-2022 4:50:29:pm
Mangaluru : Konkani Singing Competition held at Guardian Angel Church, Angelore 22-Aug-2022 7:21:32:pm
Inaugural program of Charity Event 'Mike Simon Nite' by HFF Mangalore held 5-Aug-2022 3:27:51:pm
Mangaluru : Angelore Youth Movement celebrates Youth Day - 2022 27-Jun-2022 9:48:19:pm
Diamond & Golden Jubilee Celebration In Religious Life | Sisters of St Ann's Providence Congregation 3-Mar-2022 4:13:21:pm
Mangaluru : Guardian Angel Church , Angelore celebrates Annual Parish Day 21-Feb-2022 9:59:07:pm
Mangaluru : Catholic Sabha Angelore Unit organises 'Christmas Sauhardha Koota' 14-Dec-2021 7:58:20:pm
Mangaluru : Sacrament of Confirmation celebrated at Guardian Angel church, Angelore 24-Nov-2021 5:34:53:pm
Mangaluru : Children’s Day Celebrated at Guardian Angel Church Angelore 24-Nov-2021 11:25:04:am
Mangaluru : ICYM Angelore organises Inter-Ward 'Bible Quiz-2021' 9-Nov-2021 7:26:12:pm
Mangaluru : ICYM & YCS units of Angelore Parish organize Meditation of Mystery of Rosary 4-Nov-2021 7:43:19:pm

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