NewsIn the year 1967, a small boy of 7 created a musical sensation in various konkani musical competitions held at the Don Bosco Hall by Konkanni Natak Sabha in Mangalore. This "small wonder" is none other than Shri Melwyn Peris, now renowned as the "Yodelling King", and the "Konkanni Kala Ratna". Because of his great gift of yodelling, a style of alto head voice singing, he has composed songs of distinct quality. He can sing with absolute ease ranging his melodious voice over a unique and whopping two and a half octaves, sounding equally charming at its every stage! On account of his yodelling style of singing, he is sometimes fittingly referred to as the "Kishore Kumar" of Konkanni music!


"Sangeeth Ghar" :-

Shri Melwyn hails from a musical family and rightly his residence is named as "Sangeeth Ghar" - a house of music! His proud parents are Smt.Angeline Peres and late Shri Bonaventure Peres. Among their five children Melwyn is the fourth in line. He graduated from St.Aloysius College, Mangalore and is a Development Officer by profession working for National Insurance Co. Ltd. India, Mangalore branch.

He was a parishioner of Angelore Church, where he was choirmaster for many years. Later, he shifted his residence to Bejai, Mangalore but of late he has moved back into his ancestral house "Sangeeth Ghar". His brother Denis Peres was a star singer of 'Konkan Kogul' - Wilfy's group. During the early days, his two elder brothers Denis Peris and Albert Peris encouraged Melwyn in his musical endeavours even by arranging his shows and Musical Nites. Still they remain his backbone. Melwyn lives happily in his "Sangeeth Ghar" with his wife Neeta and two sons Melster and Nelster. Music is only his hobby nevertheless his success in the field of music is phenomenal and his popularity is international!

Awards :-

Shri Melwyn Peris is the proud recipient of many awards for his contribution in the field of popularizing Konkanni music :-

1. Karnataka Sandesha Art Award.
2. Karnataka Konkanni Sahithya Academy Award
3. "Konkan Kala Ratn" award by Bombay Theatre group.
4. Toast Master International Club, U.S.A. Award
5. International Orientation Centre, USA, Award.

Besides Shri Melwyn has been honoured by many social and religious groups. Many of his songs have won the "Song of the year" award.


Achievements :-

1. Melwyn Peris started composing songs at the age of 16! Now he is a proud composer of more than 500 songs and melodies.

2. He produced his first cassette of songs at the age of 22. Today, he has 38 cassettes to his credit in different languages, of which 14 are devotional.

3. He has produced 14 volumes of CD's containing best songs of his 28 audiocassettes.
His "Baila Blast" songs are very popular even among non-konkanni circle.

4. Melwyn was the youngest artiste to stage a nite in Konkanni! Now he is a superb performer of 100 musical Nites successfully staged in Mangalore, Bangalore, Mumbai, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Doha, Bahrain, Kuwait and Muscat. He is also popular in the smallest towns of Karnataka and elsewhere.

5. He has also been associated with leading Konkanni composer singers like Wilfy Rebimbus, Henry D'Souza and late P.H.Pinto and has sung for them. Over and above he has given more than 1000 performances since his childhood.

6. He has published 3 books of lyrics titled "Madhur Podham" - a cherished collection of his songs.

7. He was the composer of the diamond jubilee song of Raknno Konkanni Weekly and lead the group of 75 singers at the jubilee celebration.

8. He was also the composer and singer of the inaugural song for "Christa Jayanthi-2000" consisting of 200 singers for the Mangalore Diocese.

9. Melwyn is not only a star singer par excellence but also an accomplished guitarist and a renowed actor. He has won the best actor award by Kala Sampath, Mangalore. He also entertains his audience with his superb acting during his musical nites!

10. He is one of the rare lay musicians in Konkanni whose religious hymns are approved by the church authorities.


Above all, Melwyn Peres is a philanthropist and a social worker at heart! Most of his shows have always been for a noble cause. The funds collected out of the same have been used to build churches, multi-purpose halls and for the education and uplift of the less privileged children. He has also encouraged and funded many new talents in the field of Konkanni Music.


Family : 


Melwyn Peris on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/melwyn.j.peris


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