Gratian D’Souza – Singer, Composer and Lyricist

A well known personality for Bejaighars since 1978, for his famous compositions and foot tapping songs of Paraddela was born to Mrs Piadade and Mr Salvador D’souza in Bejai, Mangalore. He lived his music more than 40 years right from his early days of music with Wilfy Remimbus. In 1978 he stood as backbone for “Paradela Night” at Town hall and made it talk of the town. His unique compositions including his debut ‘Daryacha Tadyer’, and later songs like ‘Angelina’ ‘Sasumai’ ‘Taxi’, ‘gori gori gai’ are superb. He lived the music and his lyrics touched the depth of Konkani music lovers.

From 1985 up to 1991 he joined hands with Late Mr Bennett Pinto and Sangeeth Guru Joel Pereira to achieve consecutive six championships from Konkan Natak Sabha to Bejai Parish.

He has 3 Konakani Albums to his credit. His first Konkani audio cassette “Kon Kani Sangeeth Laran” was released in 1993 in Kuwait. In 2004 he came out with his second Audio cassette/ CD “Gratian’s Konkani Melodies” and was released in Kuwait and Mangalore. His won his recent award from Litter flower, Mukamar, Dubai, “THE FIRST RUNNERS UP FOR THE BEST MUSCIAL ALBUM” for his third CD “Swapna Sundari” .

He has composed over 250 Konkani songs . Gratian D’Souza has organized his own shows in Mangalore, Kuwait and Bahrain and has also performed for many other shows in Mangalore and Kuwait.

In 2000, Gratian was honoured by “Konkani Heritage Kuwait “ and in 2001 by “Konkan Talents Kuwait” for his continuous support for Konkani language.

Gratian’s lyrics are selected and meaningful, his compositions are unique and superb, his voice is melodious and captivating. He selects a theme, works on it and composes songs which captivate the hearts of Konkani lovers. Music is his passion and singing is his way of life. His love for Konkani is wholehearted and unparalleled. Konkani is Gratian’s love and his life.

Gratian has his many unfulfilled dreams. His future plan is to fulfill his dreams by performing all over the world and produce cassette and CD’s of his songs.


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