Sri Henry D’Souza is a bright shining star on the Konkan galaxy of music. Music is his passion and singing is his way of life. He is a singer, composer, lyricist, music director and a producer – all these roles gracefully blended into one person. He is also a Radio, T.V., H.M.V., & stage singer. Henry displays a style of singing, which is original, exceptional & sensational. His two early songs composed and sung by him more than 25 years ago, “Ye, Ye, Cathrina” and “Ami Dhogi Sezara” were instant hits and immensely popular. Even in far-off Sri Lanka with its alien language & culture, Henry’s immortal song of “Ye, Ye, Cathrina” has been sung in the Sinhalese language and choreographed too! Even now the melody of these songs resound all over the Konkani speaking world.


Childhood & Education :

Shri Henry D’Souza, the prince and hero of Mother Konkani was born at Bassrikatte, near Koppa, a small town nestled amidst the beautiful and picturesque Western Ghats well known for their natural beauty. He had his education in the prestigious Catholic schools and colleges. He underwent primary studies at St. Joseph’s in Chickmagalur. His secondary studies were done at Padua High School, Mangalore and at St.Pholomena’s, Puttur. He graduated from St.Aloysius College, Mangalore where he also won laurels in the western classical singing. Later, he studied law (L.L.B.) at Bombay University.

Sri Henry D’Souza is based in Mumbai and is professionally a financial consultant. Initially, for sometimes, he strayed into journalism writing stories, comics, poems and articles for Konkani periodicals. He even started an English weekly named “HI” with the help of other famous journalists. He has also written 3 small plays in Konkani - Sobit Sansar, Ghar-Rani and Atancho Sansar, which have been successfully staged.

Eventually Sri Henry’s natural bent and impulse towards music overcame his all other extraneous inclinations, and Sri Henry joined the western Beat group in Bombay in 1964. Thereafter there was no looking back for Henry. He as the lead singer for his group used to sing songs of Cliff Richard, Elvis Presly, Ricky Neson, Pat Boon in hotels, open parties and weddings.


Radio & T.V. artist :

In 1964, Shri Henry sang his first Konkani song “Sangchem Kitem hai hai Bombai Sherachem” on All India Radio. Since then, he has sung more than 700 songs on All India Radio till today! He is a regular performer for All India Radio Bombay and Mangalore. He has also sung for Radio services in Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain!

Sri Henry has appeared 5 times on Bombay T.V. singing solo and duets with Dr.Aparna Mayekar. These programmes were also telecast on Goa T.V. as well.

Sri Henry D'Souza with Dr. Aparna Mayekar in a duet

at KONKAN SHOWERS 2004 - Dubai


Stage Pop Singer :

Sri Henry D’Souza is a captivating stage singer. After his first stage song “Sopann Fanthyachem”, he has composed and sang more than 2,000 songs in past 38 years. He has won a huge crowd of fans for himself and is a Bombay’s Craze among the Konkani community there.

Sri Henry’s musical performances have been local, national and international. He has conducted more than 200 shows in different places like Mangalore, Bangalore, Mysore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Dhoha, Bahrain, Kuwait and Muscat! He has also performed in small towns like Moodbidri and Belman..!! Sri Henry’s long time partners are Dr.Aparna Mayekar and Sri Melwyn Peres. He has also performed memorable shows with Konkan Kogul Wilfy Rebimbus at St.Aloysius College grounds, Mangalore for “Sandesha” and also at “Dabazo” in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi.


Composer and Producer :

Shri Henry has to his credit 5 audio cassettes, 2 C.D.’s, 2 E.P.’s for HMV, and one L.P. all of his own creation! He has also undertaken projects of audio cassettes for singers like :

  1. Neri & Jerry, Abu-Dhabi
  2. Patrao Bros. – Mangalore
  3. Norbert Pereira – Doha
  4. Allen Fernandes, Muscat &
  5. Michael Machado, Germany.

Shri Henry has also composed songs for 2 famous Konkani films “Kazara uprant” and “Udtha tho budtha” and his songs have been acclaimed with great fanfare.

Hindi ace playback singer and music director Hemant Kumar has selected and sung some of Henry’s songs for H.M.V. album. Many of Henry’s songs have been translated to other languages like Singalese, English and Hindi.

Shri Henry has also undertaken Hindi songs projects and has recorded Hindi cassettes with reputed singers like Sadhana Sargam, Mohd. Aziz, Vinod Rathod and with music director Rajender Singh.

In recognition of Henry’s overall contribution to Konkani Music, he has been honoured with “Sangeeth Samrat” title in Mangalore and is crowned with the title of “Kala Ratna” in Mumbai. The whole Konkan world salutes him with joy and pays its humble tribute to this great “Sangeeth Samrat” and “Kala Ratna”. Long live Henry D’Souza and his lively Konkani songs! 


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