Konkan Artist of the Century, Mr Wilfy Rebimbus, also, known as "Konkan Kogul", was born on April 2, 1942, in "Rome of the East", Mangalore. He is the proud son of late Landeline Rebimbus and late Magdeline Mendonca.

In 1956, at the age of 14, he started composing and singing Konkani songs. In 1957, at the age of 15, he wrote his first drama - "Poishanso Sounsar" and staged it through St. Joseph's Natak Sangh. His other plays are: 1. Modern Nouro; 2. Beshto Dubav; 3. Dhot Maka Naka; 4. Mai Maka Adainaka; 5. Bebdyachi Dhuv; 6. Tisri Chit and 7. Kedi Bona B.A.

In 1959, at the age of 17, Mr. Rebimbus founded the group called United Youngsters Music Party. Now it is run under the name of United Youngsters Cultural Association (45 years old association).

From 1958 to 1970 Mr. Rebimbus composed songs for nearly 500 Plays (dramas), amounting to almost 1500 songs.

Mr. Rebimbus was encouraged by the Jesuit Priests at a small age. In 1960, Rev. Fr. Ambrose D'Mello S.J. the manager of St. Joseph's Workshop, encouraged Wilfy to learn classical Music and sent him to learn Hindustani and Karnatik Music with Master Ramesh. Rev. Fr. Oswald Mascarenhas S. J. taught Wilfy & Meena the SOLFA (Notations) of Music. Rev. Fr. Walter Albuquerque S.J., had written music for many of Wilfy's songs and also had helped him to get a good knowledge of Music. Rev. Fr. G.S.T. Rodrigues a secular priest had also taught Wilfy the SOLFA (Notations) and educated him about composing tunes. Late Mr. Gabbu - Konkani writer was the main reason in organizing First "Wilfy Nite" through his association ROOP RAAG.

He was credited for taking modern Konkani music to new heights with his unique compositions and singing style. In a career spanning about 4 decades, Wilfy wrote thousands of songs and staged 248 Wilfy Nites. He released some forty albums, six devotional albums and one instrumental album.

Widely known as 'Father of Konkani music', Wilfy Rebimbus passed away on March 9, 2010 after a brief illness. The legacy of his music is being carried forward by his wife Meena Rebimbus, and children Veena and Vishwas.


Wilfy Nites

Mr. Rebimbus staged his first Wilfy Nite in 1970 for 3 hours duration. Since 1970 till date nearly268 Wilfy Nites have been staged and also, nearly 500 musical shows of one hour duration. Total number of songs composed exceeds 3,000 which are compiled in 40 volumes. He has performed in Mangalore and most of the places in Konakan Karavali, Bombay, Goa, Bangalore, Mysore, Delhi, and also in the Middle East - Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Kuwait and Doha Qatar. In October 2005, he performed his historical show in Canada.


Meena Rebimbus

Meena RebimbusIn the year 1964, the female singer who accompanied Wilfy joined the convent and became a religious nun. While the search for a new female singer was going on, it was brought to Wilfy's attention that there is a girl in Jeppu with a good voice and had a very good knowledge of singing. With this information Wilfy approached the elders of that girl. But they objected at first because the girl would have to travel to different places (near or far) in order to sing. But, later, agreed on with the condition that someone from her house would accompany her if the program was outside Mangalore. Her name was Mural Pinto was later changed to Meena. This was how Meena joined Wilfy's group. Meena was the main singer in Wilfy's group for 6 years.

Wilfy and Meena tied knots on 25th of January 1970. 


A brief profile on Meena Pinto nee Rebimbus:

Meena Pinto was born on 21st November 1946 at Jeppu, Mangalore. She is the only proud child of Late Baptist Pinto (Famous Guitarist & Singer of that time) and Late Mary Pinto. Meena started singing in the year 1961 at the age of 15. She has composed few songs, to name some; Nach Tuka Yetha Ther Nach Moga, Havn Sopnelyan, Asha, etc. Awards to MeenaFirst Mini Meena Nite was staged in 1979 with all female participants from MC to Musicians to singers. Second Meena Nite was staged on December 8, 1994; organised by Benar and Meena was honoured with the title - "KONKAN MYNA", during this program. Other titles and felicitations are: KONKANI PODANCHI RANI- honoured with this title by Kala Sampath Lions Club, USA on Nov. 1996. 'SHATHAMANANTHLI ADARSH POTHIN' - by 'Chinthpeanchi Manchi' (Thinker's Forum) Kuwait on Oct. 1999.



Wilfy's Family

Wilfy FamilyTogether they have two wonderfully talented children. Veena, the elder daughter was born on 17th Jan 1971. She is married to Arthur Pais and settled in Mangalore with 2 kids, Arvin & Anna. Veena started singing at the age of 4. Since then she has been continuously singing for Wilfy Nites and also for Wilfy's Cassettes and CD's. Vishwas was born on February 20, 1978. He is currently working in Kuwait for Khalil Bahman Trading Company as an Accountant. He started singing at the age of 6 and has been singing since then without break. He also plays Guitar. Both of Wilfy's children have learnt Hindustani Classical Music from Mast. Kamalakar Shet.








Mr. Wilfy Rebimbus has been bestowed with many Titles & Honours, mainly,

  • KONKAN KOGUL (Nightingale of Konkani) - year 1971 - by Bishop of Mangalore Rt. Rev. Dr. B. S. D'Souza.

  • "Rajyotsava Award" -Year 1991 - State Award.

  • Award Of Recognition -Year 1991 - by The International Orientation Center, USA

  • "SANGEETH CHAKRAVARTHI" - 1992- By Konkani Talents Group, Abu Dhabi

  • Award for service in music presented by "Karnataka Konkani Sahithya Academy" -1996

  • "TULUNADA KOGILE" - year 1998 - By 'Tuluver' - Dubai, UAE

  • 'KONKANI PODANCHO RAI' -Year 1996 by Broadview Kala Sampath Lions Club, Illinois, USA

  • 'Life Membership' of Lions Club Illinois - year 1996

  • 'KONKAN KALARATN' -Oct 1999 - By KCWA Kuwait

  • 'SHATAMANACHO VYAKTHI' -Oct 1999 by Chinthpyanchi Manchi Kuwait

  • Life Time Achievement Award - Oct.1999 -by MCC Doha Qatar

  • MILLENNIUM KONKANI ARTIST AWARD by 'Indian Catholic Association of America' represented by Mr. Austin D'Souza Prabhu on December 19, 1999, during the 200th Wilfy Nite at St. Agnes Special School Grounds.

  • COMMUNITY & LEADERSHIP AWARD presented to Wilfy and Meena by Mr. Max Rasquinha on behalf of 'Toastmasters'  - Houston, USA on October 30, 2005 during the historical "Wify Nite Canada -2005".

  • He has been honoured by number of Associations in & around Mangalore, Bombay, Bangalore, & Gulf Countries.


As social activist

Other than just singing, he is involved in many organizations. To name a few, he was the founder of UNITED YOUNGSTERS KONKANI CULTURAL ASSOCIATION. Also, an active member of: KARNATAKA KONKANI SAHITYA ACADEMY, GOVLIC PARISHAD of Mangalore Diocese, Jeppu Parish Council, Konkani Natak Sabha, Mangalore, St. Joseph's Natak Sangh Jeppu, and Founder President of Catholic Sabha, Jeppu Ghatak and various other organizations.

Mr. Rebimbus's favorite hobbies are: Writing stories, reading, watching nice movies, etc.


Youtube Channel for songs & videos - Wilfy Rebimbus Music Company


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