Vivian Santos, Jeppu, popularly known as ‘VV’ is a famous composer in Konkani music.

Inspired by his mother Rita Santos, who is a lead singer in the parish coir, VV staged his maiden Nite at the young age of 18 in 1991 on Intruz Sunday under the guidance of Konkan Kogul late Wilfy Rebimbus for the Jeppu Natak Sangh Utsav.

VV says that the St Joseph Natak Sangh, United Youngsters, and the parish choir played a vital role in shaping his career.

Simplicity in lyrics is VV’s trademark. He is of the opinion that songs with simple lyrics capture a listener’s heart instantly.

At the same time, he feels that each song should carry a message to the listeners. He likes rocking as well as melodius numbers.

VV says, “Konkani songs and music are a part of our rich culture and heritage. It is very difficult to make a living out of Konkani music.” Still people like VV do their bit towards Konkani Music.

He humbly requests all Konkani people and music lovers spread across the globe to support and encourage artistes like him so that they can work with more vigour for the cause of Konkani.

Happily married to Julia, he has a daughter, Viona. VV lives in Jeppu and has a beat group of his own. His is a rare combination of talent in writing simple touching lyrics and composing them from the heart.

His sentimental numbers in the albums are a testimony to this. He needs definite support from all music lovers.

Wilfy Rebimbus’s blessings and the support of versatile singer Marian Lazarus D’Souza, Pernal, helped him to reach his current stature. Today, VV has three super hit albums to his credit—‘VV’s Konkani Songs’, ‘Munni’ and ‘Cinderella’.


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