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Moodbidri, July 7, 2024 : The Corpus Christi Parish in Moodbidri launched an innovative Bible study series for its parishioners with an inaugural class on the Synoptic Gospels. The event was held in the church’s Main Hall and saw the participation of 80 enthusiastic parishioners.

The Bible classes commenced at 3 PM on July 6 with an invocation of the Holy Spirit, setting a reverent tone for the session. Rev. Fr Onil D'Souza welcomed the resource person, Rev Dr. Antony George Pinto, who serves as a professor at St. Joseph Inter-Diocesan Seminary in Jeppu, Mangaluru.

Rev Dr. Antony Pinto led the series with a focus on the Synoptic Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

In his lecture, Rev. Dr. Pinto explored the similarities and distinct features of these Gospels. He elaborated on the process of how these Gospels were integrated and compiled, describing the four stages of development: the time of Jesus (the events themselves), Kerygma or proclamation (the time of apostolic preaching), and the time of the Evangelists (who gathered the apostolic teachings and wrote them down).

Addressing the complex question of which Gospel was written first, Dr. Pinto introduced the Four Source Theory, offering insights into the scholarly debates surrounding the origins of the Synoptic Gospels.

The session also covered the ministry of Jesus, the preaching by the Apostles, the life of early Christians, and the eventual writing of the Gospels. Rev. Dr. Antony Pinto's detailed exposition provided the parishioners with a profound understanding of their faith’s foundational texts.

The initiative has been positively received by the parishioners, who expressed appreciation for the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Bible. The next lecture in this enlightening series is scheduled for 4th August.

Corpus Christi Parish’s commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of the Scriptures among its members through such educational initiatives marks a significant step in the spiritual growth of the community.


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