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Mangaluru, July 10, 2024 : On July 10th, St. Theresa's Primary School celebrated Bethany Foundation Day in honor of RFC Mascarenhas, founder of the Bethany Congregation. Sr. Winjoy, Correspondent of St. Joseph's High School, was the Chief Guest.

The event began with a heartfelt prayer by the students, setting a serene tone. A dance drama followed, depicting key moments in Mascarenhas’s life, showcasing the students' talent and enthusiasm.

A special segment highlighted Mascarenhas’s impact and values. Sr. Winjoy gave an inspiring speech about his legacy, encouraging students to uphold his mission. Principal Sr. Lourdes emphasized practicing the founder's values in daily life.

The assembly concluded with a vote of thanks, appreciating everyone involved. The celebration instilled pride and responsibility among the students to carry forward Mascarenhas's vision.


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