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Mangaluru, July 3 : On July 3, 2024, the Department of Child Health Nursing, in collaboration with Mental Health Nursing at Father Muller College of Nursing and the Block Education Office, Mangaluru South, organized a workshop titled "Exploring the Behavior of Blooming Buds" – 'Chiguru'. The event took place at Rajath Bhavan, FMCON, and commenced with a brief inaugural program attended by distinguished guests- Rev. Fr. Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director, FMCI, Mr. HR Ishwara, BEO Mangaluru South, Dr. Prashanth KS, Coordinator, Block Resource Centre, Mangaluru South, Dr. Supriya Hegde, Psychiatrist, FMMCH, and Rev. Sr. Dhanya Devasia, Principal, FMCON. The workshop aimed to delve into understanding and addressing various aspects of child behavior and mental health, highlighting the collaboration between educational and health institutions for this cause.

The ceremony began with a soulful prayer song performed by the nursing students, setting a serene atmosphere for the event. Mrs. Sonia Lobo, the organizing chairperson, then extended a warm welcome to all the attendees, marking the official commencement of the workshop.

Prof. Helen Claret Dsouza provided insights into the workshop logo, explaining its symbolism and significance. Mr. HR Ishwara, BEO of Mangaluru South, took the stage next, emphasizing the importance of the workshop in the context of child health and education. He commended the institute for taking proactive steps in organizing such a valuable event. Rev. Fr. Richard Aloysius Coelho, Director of FMCI, further emphasized the significance of the workshop, underlining its importance.

The workshop comprised five sessions, each addressing critical aspects of child health and education. Sessions were as follows- Behavioural problems in children by Dr. Supriya Hegde, HOD of Psychiatric Department, FMMCH, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity and Conduct Disorder by Dr. Rahul M Rao, Psychiatrist, FMMCH, Autism Spectrum Disorders with Approach in management by Dr Avinash G Kamath, Consultant, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, KMC, Substance Abuse with Approach in Management by Dr. Rameela Shekhar, Mental Health Professional, Manashanthi, Mangaluru, and Early Identification of Intellectual Disabilities and Specific Learning Disabilities by Dr. B S Mahesh, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, GSS Psychotherapy Center, Mangaluru.

The beneficiaries of the workshop were 50 school teachers, indicating a targeted effort to equip educators with essential knowledge and skills to address various challenges related to child development and mental health. The workshop was emceed by Mrs. Sharmila, who ensured smooth facilitation of the sessions and interactions among participants.


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