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Mangalore, June 19 : St Agnes School (CBSE) marked its Annual Merit Day on June 14, 2024, to commend students for their exemplary achievements and dedication during the academic year 2023-2024. Emphasizing the pivotal role of ambition in fostering success, the event sought to boost student morale by recognizing their unwavering commitment and perseverance.

The magnificent event commenced with the arrival of esteemed guests, escorted ceremoniously amidst the melodious tunes of a school band. In a symbolic gesture of enlightenment, a lamp and a book were reverently offered to the distinguished guest of honour, Mr Eric Correa, a philanthropist. The ceremony initiated with a graceful dance imbued with prayers for divine blessings. Sr Reshma D Souza introduced the chief guest and extended a warm welcome to all present. Subsequently, students added charm to the occasion with a melodious performance, blending the essence of knowledge into harmonious melodies.

The event was not only a celebration of academic prowess but also a testament to the hard work and dedication of both students and educators. Meritorious students were honoured with trophies and certificates in a ceremony that recognized their exceptional achievements. Awards were granted to students who demonstrated excellence in diverse categories such as academic performance, with individuals achieving an exceptional overall score of 85% or above, subject-specific excellence, and perfect attendance. The accolades were presented by Mr. Eric Correa, a distinguished chief guest, alongside Principal Sr Maria Sarika A.C. and Vice Principal Sr Meena Fernandes A.C.

Following the distribution of awards, Mr Eric Correa delivered an inspiring speech, commending the students for their perseverance and encouraging them to continue striving for excellence. He emphasized the importance of holistic development, urging the young achievers to balance their academic pursuits with extracurricular activities and community service.He lauded the concerted efforts of the students, faculty, and parents for their exceptional performance and extended his best wishes for their future endeavours.

The principal, Sr. Maria Sarika A.C., commended the outstanding performance of the top achievers, urging others to aim for greater excellence and future achievements. She also expressed gratitude for the dedicated faculty members, recognizing their crucial role in supporting the students' success. The parents and guardians were also recognized for their vital support and encouragement in nurturing the students.

The programme was skilfully compered by Teacher Reena, while Teacher Chethana graciously expressed gratitude and admiration towards all present. As the ceremony drew to a close, the sense of pride and achievement was palpable among the students and teachers. The triumph of Merit Day stands as proof of the dedication and effort of the entire St Agnes School community, motivating all to pursue ongoing excellence in the days ahead.


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