About St. Sebastian Church Permannur

About Our Lady of Mercy Church, Fajir (Mangalore Diocese)

About St Joseph Vaz Church & Shrine Mudipu

About Our Lady, the Queen of the Universe Church, Ranipura

About St Lawrence Church, Karady, Vijayadka

About Our Lady of Mercy Church, Panir - http://www.dioceseofmangalore.com/parishes1/p/1186-panir

About St Lawrence Church, Bola - http://www.dioceseofmangalore.com/parishes1/b/1118-bola

About St Thomas the Apostle Church, Ammembal - http://www.dioceseofmangalore.com/parishes1/a/1064-ammembal

About Our Lady of Perpetual Succour Church, Nithyadar Nagar - http://www.dioceseofmangalore.com/parishes1/n/1181-nithyadarnagar

About Holy Cross Church, Eliarpadav - https://www.dioceseofmangalore.com/parishes1/e/1127-eliarpadav

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