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Mangaluru, July 4, 2024 : The young learners at St. Theresa's School in Bendur recently participated in an engaging paper-tearing activity, fostering creativity and fine motor skills. The children explored the art of tearing paper to create a unique collage.

Tearing paper strengthens finger muscles and enhances fine motor control, essential for writing.

The activity improves coordination between visual input and hand movements. Ripping paper provides a tactile and sensory learning opportunity. Children learn to use both hands together effectively.

The little artists were encouraged to tear paper freely, creating their own colourful collages. This open-ended exploration allowed them to experiment and express themselves.

Students followed simple 2-color patterns by tearing strips of paper. This activity introduced early math concepts alongside fine motor practice.

Using various materials like tinfoil, tissue paper, chart, and more, the children tore and pasted pieces onto a base chart. The result ? A delightful texture collage.

Remember, the joy lies in the process, not just the outcome. Kudos to the budding artists for their creativity!


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