Mangaluru, Dec 30 : The inaugural lamp for a five days convention for 154 junior sisters of Bethany Congregation was lit by Mgr. Maxim Noronha, the Vicar General of the Diocese of Mangalore on December 29, 2019 at Bethany Mother House Chapel, Mangalore. Speaking on the occasion he said, “Following Jesus needs a total dedication without condition. Encounter the God of life every day in your life. The Church has a future because of you. You are the future of the Church. The hard work of the Holy Family was to keep the family holy. We all belong to our original family. By baptism we form another family. By consecration we form larger family. Take the future challenges as occasions, a suffering with martyrdom for the sanctification of the world.”

Sr Rose Celine, the Superior General launched the convention by unveiling the logo with the theme: Consecrating Youthful hearts to Jesus. Sr Lillis, the Asst Superior General and the Convener of the programme welcomed the participants and the guests. Sr Rose Celine during her presidential address congratulated the 154 junior sisters for dedicating themselves for the service of God and the people of God. She called upon them to learn much from being together during these days of convention. She said: “My dear sisters dedicate your gifts, talents, energies, endowments, body, mind and soul to God. As you go through this Convention, may you discover deeper meaning of your consecration, learn more about our Founder, assimilate the way the Charism is lived in the congregation, deepen a sense of belonging to the institute. The greatest gift that God has given you is your religious vocation. Above all let your love for Jesus your beloved grow.”

The valedictory programme will be held on 3rd January 2020. During the five days’ programme, sisters from each of the provinces of the country will enact how they serve God in people through various ministries such as education, social work, medical work, care of HIV patients, drug addicts and the elderly. One of the interesting features of the programme is a debate on the theme: Media, a boon for young religious to pursue one’s goal in life which will be moderated by Rev Fr Richard , director of Canara Communication, Mangalore. There will also be a cultural evening in addition to conferences on different topics such as Multi-cultural community living, integrating the values of Jesus. Visits to important Churches and institutions of Mangalore specially connected with the Servant of God Raymond Mascarenhas, the Founder of the congregation will be another feature.

The convention marks the Centenary celebration of the congregation which will be formally inaugurated on May 14, 2020. The Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany known as Bethany sisters was started on July 16, 1921 by the Servant of God Mgr Raymond Mascarenhas, in Mangalore, Bendur. Today the institute has branches in 189 places all over India, Nepal, Tanzania, West Africa, Italy , Rome, Germany and France . 1400 sisters render service in all these countries.

Sr Lillis the General Co-ordinator for formation and convener of this convention having known the mind of the General team and with the services of provincial Superior s and junior directresses has systematically planned the entire convention.

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