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Mogarnad, Sep 15 : On the auspicious occasion of the feast of the Nativity of Mary, September 8th, 2023, a momentous event unfolded as the Deva Matha Youth Movement (ICYM) celebrated the inauguration of its Ruby Jubilee year. This memorable event took place during the Eucharistic Celebration, adding a spiritual dimension to the festivities. The Vicar General of the Mangalore Diocese, Msgr. Lawrence Maxim Noronha inaugurated this significant milestone.

The event was graced by the presence of esteemed guests, including: Msgr Lawrence Maxim Noronha, Vicar General of Diocese of Mangalore, Fr Anil Canute D'mello - Parish Priest and Director of DMYM, Mr Santosh D Souza - Vice President of Parish Pastoral Council, Mr Wilfred Lobo - Secretary of Parish Pastoral Council, Mrs Emiliana D'Cunha - Coordinator of all the commissions of the Church, Mr Prashanth Lewis - Animator of DMYM, Mr. James Martis - Honorary President of DMYM Ruby Jubilee Committee and Mr. Avit Premson Lobo - President of DMYM.

The highlight of this grand occasion was the unveiling of the Ruby Jubilee Logo. This logo holds profound symbolism, reflecting the essence of the Deva Matha Youth Movement's mission and values.

The Logo's Meaning:

  • The color red symbolizes fire, blood, and the life force, signifying the passionate commitment of DMYM members.
  • Maroon evokes sentiments of spirituality and wisdom, underscoring the movement's deep-rooted faith.
  • The biblical meaning of the color green is immortality, emphasizing the eternal impact of the youth's service.
  • Pink represents a deeper level of intimacy with God, reflecting the spiritual journey of the members.
  • The color blue signifies the Holy Spirit and truth, highlighting the dedication to godly living and service to God.
  • The Youth Vector represents DMYM Members as intermediaries between God and the community, acknowledging their divine destiny.
  • The Holy Cross occupies a central place in the Deva Matha Youth Movement's Ruby Jubilee celebration. It represents Spiritual Foundation, Guiding Light, Source of Inspiration, Unity and Fellowship, Remembrance of History, Renewal of Commitment, Symbol of Hope, Gratitude, Teaching and Learning and Celebrating Faith. The Holy Cross is not merely a symbol but a living representation of DMYM's faith, values, and mission.

The theme chosen for this momentous year is "Through the Ruby Lens: A Journey of Faith and Service." This theme encapsulates the spirit of devotion, commitment, and service that have defined the Deva Matha Youth Movement for the past forty years and will continue to guide its path in the future.

In conclusion, The inauguration of the Ruby Jubilee year and the unveiling of the Ruby Jubilee Logo mark a significant milestone in the journey of the Deva Matha Youth Movement. With a rich tapestry of symbolism and a profound commitment to faith and service, DMYM enters this jubilee year with a renewed sense of purpose and dedication to its mission. As they embark on this year-long celebration, they invite all to join them in their inspiring journey of faith and service.


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