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Mangaluru, Aug 6 : The Sixth Day Novena prior to Feast of St Lawrence was held at Bondel Church on August 6, 2022. Theme of 6th Day - "Forgiveness is the solution for the problems of the family".

Rev Fr Rev Andrew D’Souza, Parish Priest, Bajal Church was the main celebrant whereas Rev Fr. Andrew Leo D'Souza , Rev Fr. Lancy D’Souza concelebrated the mass. Rev Fr Andrew D’Souza called on the devotees of St Lawrence - Forgiveness is a vital part of Christianity because, without forgiveness, we would have no hope for reconciliation, redemption from sin, and salvation. Forgiveness cannot be granted without giving. The word "give" is in the word forgive. We have to set aside our pride, feelings, and hurts to offer forgiveness and give grace. In every relationship, there are times when we are hurt or disappointed by the other person. When we decide to forgive, we are saying, "I love you regardless of what you did or said." That commitment to the relationship is a choice and a decision to love.

Today there were 3 testimonies : 

First Testimony of Mr Anthony who had lost his purse in the bus he had come for the Novena, after mass he visited the miraculous statue and then made the sign of the cross and for his surprise he got his purse in the same place where he had kept it in the bus. He thanked God & thanked St. Lawrence for this miracle.

Second Testimony : Mrs Monthin Tellis from Hospet Parish who suffered a snake bite. She said, “Doctors said no chance of survival but I believe St. Lawrence has touched me with his loving gentle touch. And I am fully cured. May Jesus be praised forever. I pray that we may increase our faith by sharing this experience with others”.

Third Testimony by a Musilm Brother who had difficulty with speech who prayed fervently through St Lawrence. It was a miracle that his speech became clear. He says he believes that he got healing by the intercession of St Lawrence.

The choir was from United Family under the leadership of Cyprian Vas.

For 5.30 pm Mass , Rev Fr Santhosh Rodrigues, Director , Pastoral Centre was the main celebrant. Rev Fr Peter Gonsalves , Rev Fr Melwin Pinto MSIJ concelebrated the mass. The Choir was by Blue Angels Choir.

Special prayers offered for those who have been living apart from the unity of the family.

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