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Neerude, Sep 19 : On September 17, 2023, the ICYM Neerude Unit orchestrated a triumphant "Yuva Sammelan 2023" youth conference at Mukti Prakash High School in Neerude. At 10:00 a.m., the stage program commenced with a warm welcome by ICYM Neerude Unit President, Royden Vaz, to the dignitaries and the assembled gathering. The official inauguration was conducted by Rev. Fr. Alban Rodrigues, Chief Guest, Parish Priest, and Director of ICYM Neerude Unit, along with esteemed guests such as Assistant priest Rev. Fr. Maxim, ICYM Mangalore North Deanery President Lester Lasrado, ICYM Mangalore North Deanery Treasurer Stalan, and Parish Council Members Monika Rodrigues and Jacitha Nazarath.

Rev. Fr. Alban Rodrigues inaugurated the program by lighting the candle, setting a symbolic tone for the day. Subsequently, he delivered a valuable address, imparting insightful wisdom. Assistant priest Fr Maxim followed with an enlightening talk, and Lester Lasrado, the ICYM Mangalore North Deanery President, inspired everyone with words of encouragement and guidance.

The stage program concluded on a gracious note with Roshini Lobo, the Secretary of the ICYM Neerude Unit, delivering a heartfelt vote of thanks to express gratitude to all the attendees and contributors.

Following the stage program, ICYM Neerude Unit committee members engaged the youth and children with spirited action songs, serving as an ice-breaking activity. They introduced the resource person, Mr. Jovel, who addressed the audience, shedding light on challenges faced by ICYM and inspiring discussions on topics such as confidence, making wise friendships, and the harmful effects of drugs. Mr. Jovel's insights were invaluable in empowering the youth.

The day continued with captivating activities, led by Mr. Jovel, including games, action songs, and group activities. Participants were divided into four groups to foster teamwork and interaction. ICYM Mangalore North Deanery Secretary, Loyd D'Souza, and Vice President Royston D'Souza led action songs, with ICYM Neerude Unit committee members enthusiastically participating and teaching these songs to the parish youth and children.

As a gesture of appreciation for his invaluable contributions, ICYM Neerude Unit President, Royden Vaz presented a token of gratitude to the resource person, Mr. Jovel.

After the enriching morning sessions, a well-deserved lunch break allowed attendees to relax, interact, and recharge for the rest of the event.

Following the satisfying lunch break, the energetic ICYM Neerude Committee members took charge of the program, conducting a variety of indoor games that kept participants engaged and entertained for an entire hour. Laughter and excitement permeated the atmosphere as everyone joined in the friendly competition.

The enthusiasm extended outdoors with another hour and a half of spirited outdoor games. The joy and camaraderie among the youth were palpable fostering a sense of unity and teamwork.

The day's program continued until 4:30 p.m., ensuring that every moment was filled with enjoyment and positive experiences. To conclude the event on a sweet note, ice cream treats were distributed to both the children and youth in attendance, adding a refreshing touch to an already fulfilling day.

"Yuva Sammelan 2023" organized by ICYM Neerude Unit was an outstanding success, offering a harmonious blend of learning, entertainment, and camaraderie. It not only empowered the youth but also created lasting memories cherished by all attendees.


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