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Mangaluru, Feb 8, 2024 : Doctors at Father Muller Hospital Mangaluru performed an intrauterine transfusion in a 31-week severely anemic fetus successfully. This process involves the transfusion of blood into the fetus in the womb.

Fetal blood transfusion in Rh-negative mothers is a specialized medical procedure performed to treat severe fetal anemia caused by Rh isoimmunization. It occurs when a Rh-negative mother's immune system produces antibodies that attack Rh-positive fetal red blood cells, leading to fetal anemia and hydrops.

A 41-year-old lady was referred for a scan at the fetal medicine OPD, Dr. Muralidhar G.K, Consultant Radiologist and Fetal medicine specialist who saw the case found out that the fetus was anemic and on further investigation found that the anti-D titre was very high. The patient was counseled to undergo intrauterine blood transfusion. A thorough maternal workup was done by Dr Prathima Prabhu (Specialist in High risk pregnancy & Fetal Medicine). A team of doctors Dr Muralidhar G.K, Dr Prathima Prabhu, Dr Lenon D’Souza & Dr Mandeep Sagar ( Interventional radiologists) performed the procedure which lasted for about an hour. Post transfusion the parameters showed marked improvement with a healthy closing hematocrit. The patient was discharged after observation. The patient will be closely monitored to look for the trend of the parameters to see whether the fetus may require a repeat transfusion a few weeks from now.

Intrauterine transfusion is one of the advanced fetal therapy procedures carried out by a specialized team of fetal medicine specialists and interventional radiologists etc. Father Mullers Medical College is one of the few centers in India with high-end infrastructure to perform such procedures. Dr Ram Shenoy Basti , Head of Department, Radiology said that fetal therapy is an extension of fetal medicine and these procedures are now being done here at affordable rates, he thanked the Director,  Management for providing the most advanced fetal medicine unit in the city to enhance fetal care in this region.

Director,  Management & Staff Congratulated the team for having performed the procedure successfully.

The team ( L-R)  Dr    DrLenon, Dr Prathima, Dr Muralidhar G.K, Dr Ram Shenoy, Dr Mandeep and Dr Aman


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