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Mangaluru, Feb 8, 2024 : On February 5th, the St Agnes School CBSE, 2023-2024 Grade X batch was given a heartfelt farewell in the school auditorium. As the students prepared to embark on their journey to pursue their ambitions and aspirations in the world beyond, the school community expressed their emotions and sadness in bidding farewell to these students who had spent a decade in the institution.

The students, adorned in vibrant attire, were accompanied by their parents and greeted by esteemed dignitaries, including Sr Dr Maria Roopa A.C., the Joint Secretary of St Agnes Institutions, Sr Maria Sarika A.C., the Principal, Sr Lenita Lobo A.C., the Vice Principal, Sr Edna Furtado A.C., and Sr Sweedal Fernandes A.C., the Coordinator, as they made their way to the Venue. The school band added to the pomp and grandeur of the occasion. Upon arrival, Grade X students were welcomed with sweet-scented lamps, while parents were presented with a rose.

In a celebration of life's essence, the programme commenced with divine grace, which is embodied in a radiant sunflower whose petals bloomed with values of purpose and meaning. The solemn atmosphere was graced with a prayer dance, evoking the harmonies of the celestial realm. A multilingual tribute to the diverse states of the land welcomed the audience, weaving a tapestry of grandeur and unity.

The students from grades V to IX showcased an impressive program, which included a skit on 'Trust', a Kannada dance drama on 'Payana' (meaning journey of life), and a spectacular PowerPoint presentation titled 'Memories down the lane' that brought back fond memories of their time in school. A breath-taking dance performance on 'School days fun and laughter' concluded the program, followed by emotional farewell songs that brought tears to the eyes of the students.

In a solemn gathering, the Thanksgiving Eucharistic Celebration was led by Fr Roshan Dcunha. During the ceremony, he bestowed divine benedictions upon the tenth-grade students, urging them to remain rooted in prayer and uphold the virtues that guide them through life's journey. The ethereal ambiance was uplifted by the choir's angelic harmonies, as each student offered heartfelt gratitude for the blessings showered upon them during their school years.

The student representatives conveyed their gratitude on behalf of their peers and acknowledged the guidance that helped shape them into who they are today. They reflected on fond memories of their time in school and shared some unforgettable moments.

Mrs Jane Saldanha, parent of Vibha Mascarenhas, expressed her delight and gratitude towards the school. She conveyed her thanks to the principal and teachers for their unwavering support and guidance, which helped their students achieve excellence. The collaborative efforts of the school's staff contributed significantly to their students' success, for which Mrs. Saldanha is incredibly grateful.

During this event, Teacher Daphne DSouza expressed words of appreciation that evoked memories of the strong bonds between teachers, students and parents. Students were thrilled to receive recognition for their hard work, and cheers filled the room. The deep gratitude towards the school's supportive environment and the excellent mentoring provided by the teachers continues to be felt.

The Chief Guest Sr. Dr Maria Roopa A.C , expressed her gratitude for the invitation and left a lasting impression on the students with her wise words. She encouraged them to always strive for success and reach their goals. Dr. Roopa also wished the students all the best for their board exams and a bright future.

Sr Maria Sarika A.C., the Principal showered accolades upon the students, basking in admiration for their boundless enthusiasm and remarkable leadership. With a heart full of hope and a voice of wisdom, she cast a spell of inspiration, urging young minds to strive for excellence and soar to great heights. The very essence of the program echoed through her words, as she wove a tapestry of memories from her childhood days, where parents' love and guidance shone like stars, illuminating the path to success. And with a wave of her hand, she conjured a spell of good fortune, bidding the students adieu and wishing them every success in their future endeavours.

The program was hosted by Alisha Sequeira and Vival Serrao. Teacher Sumana extended a warm welcome to all attendees, while Angelina Dsilva, the Head Girl, expressed her gratitude to the principal, staff, and students in her Vote of Thanks. She thanked each one for their guidance throughout their school life and presented a small token of generous contribution on behalf of all the students to the principal.

As a symbol of affection, mementos were presented to the students, along with the special blessings received from the dignitaries. The event was beautifully captured in a single frame. Refreshments were served, contributing to the overall success of the event.


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