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Mangaluru, Nov 18 : In a wondrous display of athletic prowess, St Agnes School CBSE, Bendur played host to the AICS Volleyball Tournament - AGNOSMASH 2K23 on November 16th, 2023. With great splendour, the Dakshina Kannada CBSE and ICSE schools gathered to witness this momentous event. A total of 22 teams, both Junior and Senior, registered to partake in this tournament, weaving a tapestry of skill and sportsmanship.

In a grand inauguration ceremony, the esteemed Dr. Sr. Maria Roopa AC, Joint Secretary and Superior of St. Agnes Institutions, graced the event as the president. Accompanying her were esteemed guests including the Chief Guest, Dr Gerald Santhosh DSouza, Physical Education Director of Mangalore University, and the Guest of Honour, Mr. Naveen D'Souza, Corporator of Bendore ward. Alongside them were also Sr Maria Sarika AC, Principal of St Agnes School (CBSE), Sr Edna Furtado AC, Administrator, Sr Letitia Lobo AC, Coordinator of St Agnes Preparatory School, Sr Lenita Lobo AC, Vice Principal, and the Heads of St Agnes Institutions. The vibrant school band escorted the dignitaries to the venue, where the students' emotive prayer song instilled a solemn and devotional aura. The students' vivacious welcome dance painted the atmosphere with exuberance, while the Principal, Sr Maria Sarika AC, added a gracious touch with her cordial welcome. The event, imbued with magic and elegance, had commenced, inviting all to revel in its splendour.

As the balloons soared into the heavens, they became the embodiment of boundless imagination, ushering in a symbolic beginning.The air hummed with the magic of incantations as the honoured guests, Sr Dr Maria Roopa Dr Gerald Santhosh Dsouza and Mr Naveen DSouza , delivered speeches of unparalleled grandeur. Their words, woven with strands of wonder, kindled the flames of inspiration, setting the stage for a tournament like no other.

As the inaugural ceremony reached its culmination, the dignitaries were led to the grand court. Before departing, they imparted their blessings upon the players' fortunes. The courts, bestowed with names shrouded in mystery, awaited their champions: Ball Busters, Thunder Balls, and Smash Hitters.

The inaugural ceremony was gracefully conducted under the spellbinding charm of Vibha J Mascarenhas and Aryashree Herale. Sr Maria Sarika AC, Principal extended a warm welcome to all who graced the event with their presence. The celebration culminated with the heartfelt expression of gratitude by Sr. Sweedal Fernandes AC, who enchanted the gathering with her words of appreciation for the abundant participation.

A grand celebration was underway as the Valedictory programme commenced. The school guides, adorned in their regalia, led a procession of esteemed guests towards the post of honour. Among them were Dr Jayaprakash, Physical Education Director, shri Gokarnateshwara College who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, Mr Liston Derric D'Souza, Entrepreneur , the Guest of Honour, Sr. Dr Maria Roopa AC, the Superior and Joint Secretary of the Institutions, Sr Maria Sarika AC, the school Principal, Sr Edna Furtado AC, the administrator, Sr Letitia Lobo Ac, Coordinator , St Agnes Preparatory school and Sr Lenita Lobo AC, the Vice Principal.

The air was charged with the magic of music and dance as the students presented an invocation dance, beckoning the blessings of the divine upon the gathering.

Amidst the grandeur of the valedictory ceremony, Sr Lenita Lobo AC graced the assembly with a warm welcome. As the radiance of the stars danced above, Mrs Josephine Ignetto announced the names of the champions, whose valorous deeds earned them the prized spoils of medals, trophies, and certificates. The Chief Guest Dr Jayaprakash, his voice imbued with magic, shared words of inspiration, lauding the students for their exemplary efforts and urging them to keep alive the embers of their competitive spirit. The Guest of Honour, Mr Liston Dsouza commended the Management, Principal, faculty and students
for the limitless vigour in crafting a flawless tournament and encouraged the participants to embrace the quest for excellence in all realms of sport.

Amidst a grand celebration of skill and camaraderie, the valedictory program unfurled with elegance, guided by the enchanting voice of Sweedal Rebello. The festivities culminated with a heartfelt thanksgiving from Mrs Keerthi Fernandes, lauding the champions and all who took part in this magical tournament. As the stars aligned, tokens of recognition were bestowed upon those who had woven the threads of triumph, ensuring the tournament's resounding success.
Amidst the thunderous applause echoed the glory of young champions in the Under 14 Category of The Tournament. Adya K of St Agnes School CBSE was a beacon of brilliance, basking in the accolades of being the Best All-rounder, while Abigail Dsouza of the same school was crowned as the Best Setter. Saathvi of St Dominic Central School shone as the Best Attacker, leaving the audience spellbound. The ultimate victors and champions were St Agnes School CBSE, with St Dominic Central School securing the Runner Up position. Mount Carmel Central School Mangalore was awarded the third Place, a testament to their unwavering spirit.

The Under-17 Tournament Category witnessed a spectacular display of skill and sportsmanship as the champions were crowned. Pragathi from Sharadha Vidyalaya School was named Best All-rounder, while Anushka from St Mary's Central School earned the title of Best Setter. The coveted Best Attacker award went to Ninonne from St Mary's Central School Kinnigoli, an exceptional talent. Eventually, St Mary's Central School Kinnigoli emerged victorious, demonstrating peerless skill. Sharadha Vidyalaya School was declared the Runner Up, with Assisi Central School taking home the third-place trophy.

The grand ceremony drew to a close, and they were left basking in the afterglow of unforgettable moments, captured forever in their memories. As a final tribute, they echoed the national anthem, a solemn ode to their beginnings, paying homage to their roots.

The elegant spectacle of the tournament bore witness to the meticulous planning and seamless coordination of the principal, faculty, and students of the esteemed institution. The tournament shimmered with a gleam, resounding with echoes of victory and majesty.


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