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Mangaluru, Sep 16 : The Bethany Educational Society® (BES), a shining beacon of transformative education, is poised to commemorate a momentous milestone - its closing celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, on Monday, September 18, 2023.

Established on September 4, 1948, under the visionary leadership and patronage of Servant of God Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas, and guided by its first President, Mother Petra BS, alongside the First Council of Management, BES has played a vital role in shaping education and social progress in Mangalore and beyond to rural areas in 26 States.

A Vision Forged in Challenging Times : In 1921, the Servant of God, Raymond Francis Camillus Mascarenhas, Founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Little Flower of Bethany, Bethany Congregation so called and the Bethany Educational Society, set out on a mission to combat the scourges of poverty, illiteracy, gender inequality, and ignorance that afflicted society especially the girls and women.

Four outstanding lady teachers, the pioneering members of Bethany Congregation, distinguished for their piety and dedication - Sr. Martha BS, Sr. Clare BS, Sr. Lourdes BS, and Sr. Gertrude BS of St. Sebastian School, Bendur, Mangalore, joined him in this noble endeavor of educational ministry.

The Goal of Transformative Education : The goal of BES has remained steady through the decades: "Transformative Education for Fullness of Life for all, especially the underprivileged and girl children as in the Gospel of John 10:10." This resolute commitment has been the driving force behind its growth and enduring impact.

Platinum Jubilee Celebration 
: The culminating event of the Platinum Jubilee celebration of BES will commence with a Thanksgiving Eucharist at 3:30 pm at St Sebastian Church, Bendur, Mangalore, presided over by Most Rev Peter Paul Saldanha, Bishop of the Diocese of Mangalore.

Distinguished guests, including

  • Archbishop Most Rev Peter Machado from Bangalore,
  • Most Rev Jerald Isaac Lobo, Bishop of Udupi,
  • Most Rev Ignatius D’Souza, Bishop of Bareilly,
  • Most Rev Ignatius Mascarenhas, Bishop of Simla-Chandigarh,
    priests, religious leaders, staff, students, parents, alumni, and well-wishers, will converge to participate in this grace-filled occasion.

The cultural program, scheduled for 5:30 pm at St Sebastian Platinum Jubilee Hall, Bendur, Mangalore, will feature

  • Most Rev. Peter Machado, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bangalore, as the Chief Guest.

       Esteemed Guests of Honour include

    • Shri U T Khadar, Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly,
    • Shri Vedavysa Kamath, MLA of Mangalore City South, and Shri Dayanand R Naik, DDPI (Admin) Dakshina Kannada.

Students from various BES institutions will display creatively the vision for the Platinum Jubilee year ‘Transformative Education for fullness of life and human fraternity, emphasizing the 4 priorities:

1. Upholding justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.
2. Promotion of Peace and Harmony
3. Caring for Mother Earth
4. Education for Excellence & Self Reliance

Honoring Collaborators : This celebration serves as a profound opportunity to express gratitude to all collaborators who have been integral to BES's mission over the past seven and a half decades.

Leadership and Values : The governance of The Bethany Educational Society is vested in a Council of Management, presided over by the Superior General of the Congregation, currently, Sr Rose Celine BS, serves as the President of BES, Sr Shanti Priya BS as the Vice-President, and Sr Sandhya BS as the Secretary. The Council of Management comprises 10 members, including General Councillors.

Impact across India : BES has expanded its footprints across India, disseminating the principles of transformative education and upholding core values that encompass

  • God Experience,
  • Compassionate love for all especially the poor and the marginalised
  • Communion, Collaboration, Team Spirit,
  • Excellence in Developing each one's unique Potentialities,
  • Truth, Love, Justice, Peace,
  • Simplicity of Lifestyle, Dignity of Labour, and
  • Respect for Life, Nature, Cultures, Religions, and Love for the Nation.

Championing Social Causes: The teenagers as Bethany Champions, nurtured within BES institutions, have emerged as torchbearers of civil and political leadership.

Extensive Outreach: Currently, BES manages 135 institutions, spanning primary, secondary, junior colleges, and two-degree colleges, along with 33 hostels and numerous non-formal Centres, teacher training colleges, and vocational education centers in rural areas.

These institutions are spread across 26 states and 53 dioceses of India, benefitting over 82,000 students through a diverse range of educational ventures. BES remains dedicated to shaping a brighter future. The alumni of BES have made a remarkable contribution in building the society in all spheres.

Collaboration with other Managements: A cornerstone of their strength lies in their partnership, in 65 schools and hostels of diocesan and other managements, where a large number of Bethany Sisters and teachers serve, guiding them towards impressive achievements with value-based education.

Mission of Social Liberation: Bethany Sisters, through Bethany Social Work Centers, address the needs of women, youth, children, migrants, trafficked and those marginalized by society.

Their mission of social liberation remains a top priority, fostering self-reliance, skill-based education, industrial training and sustainable livelihoods through various initiatives.

Empowering Women Nationally and Internationally: With 56 social service centers across India, the Bethany Congregation has touched the lives of 4,20,000 women, youth, and children across 940 town and grama panchayats in 26 states.

The empowerment of women has been at the forefront of their journey since 1921, with an unwavering commitment to progress.

Sisters of the Bethany Congregation are also involved in educational missions in North West Africa, Tanzania, and Nepal.

To mark the Jubilee year a project has been launched to educate 75 girls with professional training. Besides annually thousands of poor students are provided educational scholarships to pursue and further their education.

As The Bethany Educational Society® Mangalore concludes its Platinum Jubilee, they carry forward a legacy of transformative education and an unflagging dedication to social harmony and peace.

They look forward to the promotion of a unified human community with a firm commitment to those millions of children, who are deprived of their human right of a basic quality education, especially in rural areas.

The jubilee celebration details were revealed in a press meet addressed by Sr Rose Celine BS, Superior General & The President of Bethany Educational Society ®Mangalore.


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