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Mangaluru, June 7 : Several like-minded organizations, Catholic Sabha Mangaluru Pradesh (R) and United Christian Forum Mangaluru held a rally ‘Peace be in Manipur’ showing solidarity to people's suffering in Manipur due to unrest in the state. Many took part in large numbers in the rally at the Clock Tower here on Tuesday June 6, 2023.

The gathering made an appeal to the government to do everything possible to restore peace and help the affected people.

PRO of Mangalore diocese Roy Castelino said, “We strongly condemn the atrocities over people in Manipur. So far, 98 people have lost their lives in the unrest, houses, schools and churches have been destroyed. Caste politics is just a reason, but there is a conspiracy behind the unrest. Why are police silent when there is so much chaos and destruction of public property? We demand the issue to be solved and justice to be delivered.” He also briefed about the reason which led to the unrest in Manipur.

Parish priest of Immaculate Conception Church Kinnigoli, Fr Faustine Lobo said, “The government and elected representatives have failed to protect people and failed to implement law. This is equal to the government encouraging the unrest. As public, we have the right to question the government. Home minister Amit Shah visited Manipur after 27 days of unrest. What was the need of visiting the place so many days after the destruction? Prime Minister Narendra Modi is silent and busy in election campaigning as his only intention is to win the elections and not to work for people.”

People were seen holding placards urging the need of intervention of central government to resolve the issue, stop genocide and many more.

DYFI leader Muneer Katipalla, Bethany provincial superior Sr Cecilia Mendonca, President of Catholic Sabha Mangaluru Pradesh Stany Lobo, PRO of Mangalore diocese Fr JB Saldanha, Fr Maxim Noronha, Norine Pinto, ICYM president Anil Sequeira and others were present.


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